Webmaster's note: The following pages include the contents of a diet book published in 1918. It is offered here merely as it may be of interest to visitors to this website. Considering the time period it represents, many of the views, attitudes, and scientific information have been proven to be incorrect, and I do NOT recommend anyone follow the instructions given as to diet, exercise, or other topics. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the views and writing from another time.

Diet and Health With Key to the Calories

Lulu Hunt Peters, A.B., M.D.
Ex-Chairman, Public Health Committee
California Federation of Women's Clubs
Los Angeles District

The Reilly and Lee Co., 1918

Dedicated by permission to
Herbert Hoover

Read This First

I am sorry I cannot devise a key by which to read this book, as well as a Key to the Calories, for sometimes you are to read the title headings and side explanations before the text. Other times you are supposed to read the text and then the headings. It really does not matter much as long as you read them both. Be sure to do that. They are clever. *I wrote them myself*.

I have been accused of trying to catch you coming and going, because I have included in my book the right methods of gaining weight, as well as those for losing weight. But this is not the reason...though I don't object to doing that little thing...the reason is that the lack of knowledge of foods is the foundation for both overweight and underweight.

I did want my publishers to get this out in a cheaper edition, thinking that more people could have it, and thus it would be doing more good; but they have convinced me that that idea was a false claim of my mortal mind, and that the more you paid for it, the more you would appreciate it. I have received many times, and without grumbling on my part, ten dollars for the same advice given in my office. Perhaps on this line of reasoning we should have ten dollars for the book. Those of you who think so may send the balance on through my publishers.


Los Angeles, California
June, 1918


 1 Preliminary Bout                   11
 2 Key to the Calories                23
 3 Review and More Definitions        30
 4 More Keys and More Calories        37
 5 Vegetarianism vs. Meat Eating      54
 6 The Deluded Ones--My Thin Friends  59
 7 Exercise                           69
 8 At Last! How to Reduce             77
 9 Autobiographical                   88
10 Testimonials                       96
11 An Apology and Some Amendments     98
12 Maintenance Diet and Conclusions  102
13 Three Years Later                 106


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Diet and Health

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