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Carved Inner Pecs, BetterInner Chest Cleavage With the Tilted Dumbell Bench Press

If you want to fill out (or fill in!) your inner chest and get more cleavage of your pecs, this training tip works for both men AND women. This exercise targets the inner aspect of the chest very strongly...and with a heavy pressing movement, which is very useful for building muscle and strength.
Barbell Curl Squats to Create a Rock-Solid Core

According to Nick Nillson, this has to be THE best exercise for developing core strength and stability he's ever tried. It's simple to do and deceptively challenging. If you want to push big lifts to the maximum, this core exercise will help you develop the core strength necessary to do it.
Build Serious Calves With This Home-Gym (and Regular Gym!) Calf Exercise

If you've got scrawny calves that won't grow, no matter what you do, chances are good you're not doing the Donkey Calf Raise exercise. It's simply one of THE best exercises for developing the calves.
Target Your Quadriceps Muscles With This Power Rack Barbell Front Squat Machine

The Front Squat is a great exercise for quads...and it's also one of the LEAST commonly performed exercises in the gym because it is uncomfortable to do, and core strength is always a limiting factor. This is how you fix that.
Great MMA and Core Power Training Exercise

This is a killer exercise for any MMA fighter, wrestler or other martial artist who needs to train and develop his body to exert power and leverage while on his back on the ground.
Abdominal Exercise Which Will Leave You Crawling AND Ripped

Looking for an abominal exercise that will work your entire core muscle group in a way you've NEVER experienced before? "Dumbbell Crawling" will do it! This exercise hits not only your core but your shoulders, back and chest as well!
Develop Eye-Popping Definition and Detail in Your Entire Back

If you want to fully develop your back in terms of definition and detail, you have to go beyond just doing deadlifts, heavy rows and chin-ups for mass...you need to attack your lats with two distinct patterns of pulling movements...vertical and horizontal done right!

How to train to do your best deadlift

More Weight Lifting Articles by Nick Nilsson, "The Mad Scientist of Muscle, Strength and Fat Loss"
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