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Weight Lifting Articles by Nick Nilsson, "The Mad Scientist of Muscle, Strength and Fat Loss"
So, who the heck IS Nick Nilsson, and why should YOU bother to read his articles?

Well, Nick Nilsson has been a professional fitness and bodybuilding writer for the past 15 years. He currently offers some of the most up-to-date training advice on his website at www.fitness-ebooks.com.

Below, you will find information about, and links to, several of Nick's best articles on subjects such as Fat Loss, Metabolism Boosting, and, especially, his famous, or infamous, "Metabolic Surge" system.

Lose Fat AND Build Muscle Power and Strength With Power-Start Lactic Acid Training

Despite what many people think, Nick Nilsson and I believe that fat-loss training does NOT have to be boring nor does it always have to result in lost strength and power. The fat-loss training technique Nick shows you in this article not only takes advantage of your hormonal response to a specific style of training, but also allows you to actually build power and strength at the same time.
Antagonistic Time-Volume Training for Keeping Your Muscle While Losing Fat

If you want to see dramatic and permanent changes to your body, you have to retain your lean muscle mass while simultaneously losing fat. If you don't accomplish this simple step, you’ll just end up a smaller version of yourself with no real change in body composition. This Time-Volume Training technique from Nick Nilsson, is ideal for preserving muscle and strength while burning MASSIVE amounts of calories for fat loss.
Total-Body Resistance-Cardio For Fast Fat-Loss: One-Arm Kettlebell Swing Step-Ups

Even for people involved in weight lifting, is important, especially if you want to lose fat as fast as possible and develop your cardiovascular capacity at the same time. Unfortunately, cardio can also can be pretty boring and very ineffective if you only choose exercises that require you to plug away for long periods of time without any focus, attention or intensity. That's where THIS type of resistance-based cardio exercise shines!
8 Week Cardio Interval Training Blast! Increased Fat Loss as You Take Your Cardio Fitness To A Whole New Level

Nick shows you a detailed cardio program which takes you from an interval-training beginner to interval-training pro in only 8 weeks! Take a look at his step-by-step progression which guides you through the most effective types of intervals to maximize your results.
Time-Efficient Fat-Loss Training With Limited Equipment...15 Minutes of Full-Body Circuit Training With a Single Dumbell

A fast and simple workout which covers every major part of your body in a single 15 minute session. Tough, effective and incredibly time efficient!
Is Calorie-Counting Truly Necessary For Fat Loss?

Everybody wants to know whether or not they have to count calories to lose fat. It's something very few people want to do but is it really something that everybody should bother doing to maximize fat-loss results?
5 Fat-Loss Myths That Are Stopping Your Progress

These five lies about how to lose fat have been around for years. However, believing them could be making YOUR fat-loss program a lot less effective. Let's blast them out of the water and get your fat-burning back on track!
How to Spot Reduce and Burn ONLY the Fat On Your Stomach

Many claim you cannot "spot reduce", but Nick Nilsson shares his top-secret technique for burning ONLY the fat off your stomach. Spot-reducing at its best. You can even apply this spot reducing technique to ANY other specific areas you want to tone up!
Cardio Training For Fat Loss - Should I Do It BEFORE or AFTER My Weight Training For Best Results?

Weight training for fat loss is not easy to do. This makes proper cardio training an important part of the process. But, doing your cardio at the WRONG time, could be shooting yourself in the foot! Learn the best time to do your cardio...and why.
Why You MUST Be IN-efficient For Maximum Fat Loss

If you want to lose fat as quickly as possible, you have to be inefficient...the more inefficient you are the faster your results will be! Nick Nilsson tells exactly why and how it works.
Fitness and Nutrition Information Overload And Contradictions. What's Good, What's Bad And How You Can Tell The Difference

Usually, information is good, but there is SO much information about health and fitness floating around these days, that it's hard to know what's good and what's a load of garbage. It's especially confusing when two sources say two different things! Learn how to figure out the truth for yourself, who to believe, and who to ignore.
Will Fruit Make You Fat?

What's the the truth about fruit and weight loss? Is it the diabolical diet-killer it's sometimes made out to be or is it just fruit and really good for you?
10 Things You NEED to Know When Choosing A Gym

Looking for a new gym? Let a professional fitness trainer tell you exactly what to look for to get the best results AND the best deal for your money. Learn what's important, what's not, and how to find the gym that's perfect for YOU.
Dead Treadmill Cardio For Developing the Glutes and Dropping Fat FAST

Regular powered treadmill training just does not work the glutes effectively. You can use this special treadmill technique and FORCE the glutes do most of the work and develop them FAST rather than just having them along for the ride! For a better, stronger butt...fast, THIS is the way to do your cardio.
How To Lose Fat NOW - A Basic Fat-Loss Program That You Can Put To Work TODAY

You want to lose fat but don't know where to start. Well, my friend, this program from Nick Nilsson will get you moving in the right direction...weight training, cardio, nutrition and supplementation! How to get the weight loss results you've been seeking...NOW!
Barbell and Bodyweight Complexes for Rapid Fat Loss Training

Never heard of complexes for fat loss before? Well, my friend, you're in for a treat. Complexes are a series of exercises done without releasing your grip on the bar or dumbbells, moving from one exercise straight into the next with no break. Unbelievably GREAT for fat loss.
The Insider Secrets of Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training, when done properly, is extremely effective for fat loss and for dramatically improving your cardio capabilities. Learn how to perform Interval Training for maximum benefits.
Cardio or Weights. Weights or Cardio. What's It Going To Be?

Knowing how to balance your cardio training with your weight training can be one of the most challenging aspects of putting together your training program. Learn how to effectively combine the two.
Can Fat Loss Pills Actually Make You Fatter?

What the diet industry doesn't want you to know can actually have serious long-term effects on your health and levels of body fat.
Easy Fat Loss: 10 Simple Things You Can Do To Lose Fat

Fat loss doesn't have to be painful. These 10 simple tips will show you just how easy it can be.
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Weight Lifting Articles by Nick Nilsson, "The Mad Scientist of Muscle, Strength and Fat Loss"
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