Toxic Home or Healthy Home
Could Our Cleaning Products Be Making Us Sick?

Toxic Home or Healthy Home - Could Our Cleaning Products Be Making Us Sick?
By Donovan Baldwin

We all want the best for ourselves, our families, even our world. So, among other things, we clean stuff in hopes of having a healthy home.

However, many of the products used for "cleaning" in the interest of health can actually contribute to a toxic home environment.

Please don't get me wrong, this is not a "scare" article, but, it should be a "thinking" article. We are stewards of all we have, including our homes, our children, and even the Earth.

Many of today's home cleaning products can actually contribute to ill health and even, in extreme cases, shorter, sicker lives for some of us.

Oh, most of us will do just fine with the home cleaning products commercially available, and, with good lifestyle choices as to exercise and nutrition we will probably live fairly long, healthy lives.

However, some of us, perhaps you, or your children, DO have a problem with some of the ingredients which are common to many well known, and widely used, home cleaning problems.

In that case, using those products can contribute to a toxic home environment. This can result in immediate discomfort or pain, and MAY, with repeated use over time, result in major health issues. In my case, I know that most store-bought laundry products are going to cause itching and discomfort. So, I choose to use Fresh Laundry Free from Shaklee.

One of the problems is that most commercial cleaning products are designed with much the same attitude as paint scrapers, nail guns, and nuclear weapons... most bang for the buck. To accomplish this, chemicals are used that may or may not be harmful to our health and contribute to a toxic home environment, BUT, they blow the "dirt" away!!!

In fact, many of the commercial cleaning chemicals HAVE been shown to produce health problems in many members of the population, with children and seniors being at maximum risk.

Well, that's great, but, I believe that for most home cleaning functions, there are more natural, safer products available. In fact I KNOW so, as I use these products myself.

Another point is that more natural products not only can contribute to a healthy home, but their manufacture, and residue, can be less harmful to the environment.

So, if you are concerned about raising your family in a toxic home environment, and/or the healthy home environment of Planet Earth, I invite you to consider the options below:

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Donovan Baldwin is a freelance SEO copywriter livng in the Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas area. He is retired from the U. S. Army after 21 years of service, has worked as an accountant, optical lab manager, restaurant manager, and instructor. He is a University of West Florida alumnus (BA Accounting 1973) and was a member of Mensa for several years. He has written and published poetry, essays, and articles on various subjects for the last 40 years. He developed an interest in health and fitness in the '70s after reading numerous books, including Dr. Kenneth Cooper's "Aerobics". This has led him to continue his personal research into health and fitness for over 30 years, and to pursue course work on the subjects of health and fitness, including yoga, which he practices regularly

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