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Many people find that the modern all-in-one exercise machines are perfect for their fitness and weight loss plans.

Buying An All In One Exercise Machine
By Donovan Baldwin

More and more people are finding exercise less expensive and time consuming when they work out in their own homes. So, it's not surprising that many people are turning away from gym membership and, instead, are choosing to invest their money in a home gyms of one kind or another.

These home gyms, since they incorporate so many features, are often referred to as all-in-one exercise machines.

You can put a home gym of this type in a spare corner of your home, the extra bedroom or even in the basement if you wish. Along with helping you to save money by combining several different types of equipment into one machine, all in one exercise equipment can easily fit in small spaces and take up a lot less weight than their individual counterparts.

All-in-one exercise machines also are sometimes more versatile, and less threatening to some, than traditional free weights.

When you are considering the purchase of an all in one piece of exercise equipment, you should first think about your personal health and fitness goals. You should consider what you hope to achieve from exercising and just how well this particular piece of equipment will benefit you.


There are several types of all in one equipment for exercise on the market and almost all of them are advertised widely on television, in magazines, and on the internet. The most popular types on the market are those types that are geared towards individuals who are interested in resistance exercises, losing weight, getting fit, bodybuilding, and lifting weights in gerneral.

Bowflex and Total Gym

Right now, the two most popular types of all in one exercise systems are Bowflex icon and Total Gym icon brands which can be a bit expensive.

The Bowflex icon system uses resistant bows that bend instead of the traditional weights that simply lift. The Bowflex all in one exercise machines are designed to fit a wide variety of budgets and needs, and are widely adaptable and extremely popular as well.

To make things even better, you can easily store the basic Bowflex icon system in small, tight places, even under a bed if you choose, although when folded out for use it does take up a little room. The larger and more expensive Blowflex system is competitive with the types of professional equipment that you can find in gyms, which allow you a quality workout on quality equipment.

Originally only offering the power rod models, Bowflex icon has extended into other areas of fitness as well as offering new resistance technology for its original designs.

I love my Bowflex all in one exercise machine.

Total Gym

The Total Gym icon all in one exercise system is a great option as well. You have probably seen it advertised by martial arts legend Chuck Norris and supermodel Christie Brinkley. It is a bit less expensive than the Bowflex and uses gravity and resistance instead of traditional weights or the resistance technology of Bowflex and the recent copies by Wieder and other companies...

By using a Total Gym, Bowflex, or other home gym or all-in-one exercise system, you have the flexibility to adapt the machine to a wide variety of exercises that will work many different areas of your body.

Decisions, Decisions

When you decide to buy an all in one exercise system, you must consider price, features, brand, and just who in the home will be using the machine. If other family members plan to use it as well, then you'll need to get a system that everyone will agree on.

You obviously wouldn't want a machine that is too complicated for others in your home.

Even though Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym. and Total Gym are the 2 most popular types of all in one equipment, there are several others out there as will, from brands such as those offered by Joe Wieder and many others, like the Total Gym 1100.  Before you make your choice, you should look at several types to see which one offers you more for your money.

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