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How can I lose weight with the The WonderSlim Diet Plan

What is the The WonderSlim Diet Plan weight loss program?

The WonderSlim Diet Plan is a scientific weight loss plan designed to help you experience personal, healthy weight loss without dieting. It is an incredibly easy diet plan to follow and is virtually foolproof. For the best weight loss nutrition, you choose meals for each day of the week from many different, delicious WonderSlim diet meals and snack choices - these include meal replacements (pudding/shakes and smoothies), and protein supplements (breakfast items, lite entrees, soups, fruit drinks, hot drinks, snack bars and desserts). Your favorite diet foods and diet meals will be delivered to your home or office. WonderSlim preplanned diet meals are perfectly portioned and deliver consistent weight loss results by providing ideal protein levels and a reduced intake of calories, carbs and fats. Equivalent in technique and quality to NutriSystem and Jenny Craig, but they cost less than these two popular diet plans.

How much weight will I lose with the Wonderslim Diet Plan?

The WonderSlim Diet Method is based on "Meal Replacement" That is, the more unhealthy, high-calorie meals you replace with the high-quality, nutritionally balanced, prepackaged meals from Wonderslim, the more weight you lose.

WonderSlim weight loss products, such as meal replacements, protein supplements, and diet snacks and desserts are specially designed for fat reduction and weight loss while still providing your body with vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Although people lose weight at different rates, a safe and effective loss on the Wonderslim diet program is between 1 1/2 to 2 pounds per week. It is so easy because you get a diet food delivery of meals and snacks which contain the best nutrition for losing weight.

How many times a week should I weigh myself, and will I be hungry while on this diet plan?

We would normally recommend that you weigh yourself once a week, preferably at the same time of day and while wearing the same type of clothing. Most important of all, don't starve yourelf! The best thing about the WonderSlim Diet Plan, which is also a great fat loss program, is that we've taken the guess work out of what you need to eat each day. With our WonderSlim Meal Plans for women and men, you eat every 2-3 hours, so you'll never feel hungry or have cravings for more!

Can I go on and off the Wonderslim diet program as I need?

Of course you can. We will gladly work with you to learn the behavior changes you will need to keep the weight off, but if you find you need to come back, it is easy to pick up where you left off.

Is there some kind of weight maintenance program with the Wonderslim weight loss plan?

Weight level maintenance is easy with Wonderslim. The "Lean/Green Meal for Dinner" plan helps you out whether you are still trying to lose weight or have reached your target weight and are trying to maintain your weight. On the WonderSlim Diet Plan, you'll not only have the pre-planned diet meals and diet snacks to help you, but you will also enjoy a small amount of "grocery store foods" - a little fruit and a daily lean/green meal for dinner. We even provide you with a "Shopping List Guide" to make this really easy for you. As a result, while you are losing weight, you'll also be practicing healthy shopping and cooking habits that are essential to keeping the weight off for life. Furthermore, enjoying the daily healthy lean meal allows you to continue to enjoy social eating with friends and family.

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Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry With the Wonderslim Diet Plan
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