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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

When we think about burning fat through exercise and diet, we assume that everybody wants to lose weight. However, some have a slightly different agenda.

Many, which ptobably wanting to find a healthy weight loss program as well, are a little more concerned on how to burn fat and tone muscle.

Maybe they feel that their weight is okay, but most will still probably want to lose a pound or two through the same methods of diet and exercise that make up the basis of a healthy weight loss program.

Well, they are in luck...or maybe not! It seems that everybody has a diet book out these days. Oprah, Dr. Phil, and a whole slew of celebrities. It is difficult to find one that has been written by a genuine authority on diet and weight loss! In Tom Venuto's diet book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, you will learn ways to accomplish weight loss goals and get fit and healthy.

Who IS Tom Venuto? Well, he is a champion natural bodybuilder, certified fitness trainer, and nutritionist. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Tom Venuto ebook.

Tom Venuto's non-diet book has a vast wealth of information for anyone who badly wants to lose weight, or simply burn fat and tone muscle. It is over 300 pages long and covers a wide range of techniques, methods, and systems for weight management in particular and health maintenance and maximization in general.

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