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Running Apparel, Running Shoes, and Running Barefoot

What you need to think about when selecting running shoes and running apparel. Information about minimalist running shoes and sandals, such as Xero Shoes, the best barefoot running shoes.

When it comes to physical fitness routines and workouts, many people prefer running. However, while running does not require a lot of highly specialized equipment or apparel, it can help performance and enjoyment to select the best running apparel and shoes.

Running Apparel, Running Shoes, and Running Barefoot

Barefoot running sandalsWhile some exercise activities may require specialized equipment, running is one of those activities which is pretty easy to "gear up" for.

What you wear when you run is going to be your call, although you may be more comfortable running while wearing some things than others. What you wear on your feet, however, is a different matter, and we will get to that in a moment.


As with any athletic activity the clothing you select for running should first of all be comfortable. For some, that may be a t-shirt and an old pair of least at first. However, as the miles roll by, you may want to transition into something that is lighter weight and less constricting.

You will sweat when you run, even if it is cold out, so, you might want to stick to cotton and cotton-polyester blends. you will not want stiff belts (although you might after the run), but an elastic waistband. Some people prefer to run in shorts, but, there are also comfortable "warm up" type pants which may be the favorite of some of us older folk.

Weather will always be a factor, unless you are running inside on a treadmill, and, even then, the thermostat is the indoor weather control, and, if it is set in the wrong spot, you can still be too hot or too cold. If outside, of course, dress appropriately.

If it is cold, dress warm enough, but, in layers, so that, as you heat up, you can peel back some of them. At the end of your run, as you, quite literally, cool down, you can begin putting them back on. You don't want to walk around in freezine weather without protection if you, or your inner layers of clothing, are still wet.

If it is warm out, you can probably start and stop your run with the same outfit. However, check the weather before you go out. Getting caught in a sudden rain accompanied by a drop in temeperature, is no fun, especially if you are a couple of miles from home.

As with many things, including exercise itself, you may have to try a few variations and gain some personal experience before you can really be an "expert" in the best running apparel for you.


Here's where the rubber meets the road...literally!

Walking around in ill-fitting, badly made, or low quality shoes can be uncomfortable, even painful, but, unless done over a long period, will seldom lead to permanent injury. One trip out in such running shoes, can be the end of your running career, however.

While the most expensive running shoe is not always the best running shoe, it's a good idea to go for quality. Youe best bet is to select a shoe made by a well known firm and definitely try it on first! Do not order running shoes over the Internet unless you are purchasing a style that you have worn comfortably from a manufacturer you trust.

Do NOT pick up running shoes on an auction site! Many "name brands" offered there at deep discounts are actually cheap knock-offs and often not worth the money you DO pay, even if it is less than the price of the real deal.

DO get help picking out your first pair of running shoes, at least. Don't go to a big box. Go to a store that specializes in athletic shoes which has the people who can help you find the right shoe.

Remember that athletic shoes, are no longer the simple "tennis shoes" of my youth. There are shoes for walking, shoes for running, shoes for cross training, and shoe that look like athletic shoes, but, are actually general purpose shoes. Your best bet is to stick with those specifically defined as "running shoes".

A good running shoe should provide comfort, support, and rebound. The sole should protect your feet from the impact of hard surfaces.


A trend that is slowly growing among runners is the idea of running barefoot. People who enjoy this cite the benefits of running "naturally". They feel that this produces a more holistic effect in terms of overall fitness. The problem is that there are so many ways to injure your feet.

Because of this trend, a whole new industry has sprung up, providing running sandals which protect the soles of the feet while allowing a natural running experience. There are many types of such running sandals on the market, and one of the more popular is Xero Shoes.

Again, as you begin and grow in your running experience, you may go down a few wrong paths, metaphorically speaking, but, with time, you will find the running apparel, running shoes, and, perhaps even, running sandals which work best for you.

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