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Wai Lana yoga DVD's and suppliesThe Bow Pose, or Dhanurasana, requires raising both halves of your body simultaneously, through a combination of other yoga poses.

You make use of your hands and arms in order to pull your trunk and legs up together to form a curve. This movement tones your back muscles and contributes to increasing the elasticity of your spine, while also increasing vitality and improving posture. The Bow Pose balances the weight of the body on your abdomen, which reduces abdominal fat. Furthermore your internal organs receive a powerful massage.

To proceed with the Bow pose, you first must lie down comfortably on your front, keeping your head down.

Now, while inhaling, bring your knees up and reach back with your hands in order to hold your ankles. Remaining in the same position, exhale. Continue by inhaling, while raising your head and chest and simultaneously pull your ankles up, by lifting both your thighs and knees of the floor. While arching backwards, keep your look up. Maintaining the position, take three slow and deep breaths and then exhale and release your ankles.

Yoga: The Bow Pose illustrated.

At first, you may not be able to reach all the way back and grasp your ankles. You can use a soft strap, such as a bathrobe belt, or even a piece of yoga equipment, called a yoga strap, available from any good yoga supply source.

In order to exercise the Rocking Bow Pose, you have to first come into the Bow position, and then gradually rock forward and backward. It is recommended to exhale, while rocking forward and to inhale, while rocking backwards. Your head should remain in a static position while you proceed with the Rocking Bow Pose and your look should be up. Normally, you should repeat the rocking up to ten times, and then completely relax your body.


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