What Yoga Equipment Will I Need?

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What Yoga Equipment Will I Need?

Wai Lana yoga DVD's and suppliesOne thing that many people find they like about practicing yoga is that the degree of advance preparation required for a beneficial yoga session is minimal. It is true that you should eat a good yoga diet, but, however, mental preparation is by far more important. Still, when it comes to yoga equipment, there are a few things to think about having.

Now, these things are not mandatory for a good yoga experience, but, for some people, they can be beneficial in order to help increase the level of efficiency and comfort of their practice.

  • Yoga clothing: There's really not a strict rule regarding the type of clothes that one has to wear while performing their routine. However, experience dictates that comfortable, loose, breathable clothes are the most convenient ones for carrying out this routine. Sweat suits, shorts, pajamas and t-shirts are the outfits people mostly opt for. As for certain exercises from a regular yoga routine your head comes below your knees, you might want to put on a t-shirt that fits tight enough not to impede movement but which fits to your body so it will not fall down over your face.

  • Shoes: Generally, most people perform their routines barefooted. In a formal studio setting, shoes are generally left near the entrance to the practice area. To prevent discomforts caused by cold feet, you can put on light cotton socks. Again, not much to get in the way of yoga equipment.

  • Yoga Mats: These are probably the most common type of yoga equipment most people invest in, and they are only a few dollars and not really a necessity in many instances.

    In a practice room or studio, you will probably see a large number of yoga mats, each one for a different practitioner. These mats are used for various reasons.

    First of all, they serve to mark the personal space to be used by each person. This is the first step for achieving a state of harmony between the mind and the body. Having a space allocated to him or her, space that only he or she controls and can consider personal and private in a sense.

    Another relevant reason for using yoga mats is for simple comfort. If you sweat, for example, your hands might get slippery and you might loose your stability on a floor. For this simple reason alone, a mat can help you remained focused on your yoga session. If you are a beginner in the practice of yoga, you might want to consider purchasing a mat, as a hard floor might be uncomfortable, and you might not want to sweat up the carpet. Most yoga studios will offer yoga mats for rent, for a buck or two. However, most people just purchase their own mats, from many sources, such as Wai Lana Yoga, Gaiam, or even Walmarticon.

  • Blankets: In studios, another common piece of "yoga equipment" is a blanket. Studios often have several of these on hand and encourage their students to use them as needed.

    A blanket can be used as a prop while performing some asanas, or yoga poses. They also perform their normal function of helping you stay warm, commonly after the session itself, during the cool down positions, such as Corpse Pose.

    There are other items of yoga equipment, such as blocks and straps, for example, which people use to improve their efficiency and level of comfort, while carrying out the asanas and movements.

    For example, in the Bow Pose, it may be difficult to grab your ankles due to stiffness, age, or other problems such as arthritis. In this case, a strap would be a good piece of yoga equipment to have, although a bathrobe sash or soft belt might work just as well.

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What Yoga Equipment Do I Need
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