A Connection Between Yoga and Sex?

Yoga and sex.

Yoga and Sex

yoga guyPerhaps you are a woman hoping to improve her sex life. Or, maybe a man...ditto.

If you happen to find yourself in this group, you may be trying to think of new ways for you and your partner to experiment in the bedroom. Of course, trying new things is often a good idea and might prove to be successful, but did you also know that there is a much easier and much more relaxing approach that you can take?

Wai Lana yoga DVD's and suppliesThere is such an approach, and it is called yoga.

So, how can yoga and sex go together?

If you are a bit confused about what the connection could be between an ancient health and fitness technique, and...well...you know...you are not alone.

Many women believe that there can't really be a connection between the practice of yoga and sex as a pleasurable activity.

This is because the words "exercise" and "sex" are not often used in the same sentence. But, it is important for you to realize that studies have actually shown that yoga can certainly help you have better sex.

A great many people enthusiastically recommend a regular yoga practice for improving your sex life. These people, who DO recognize the link between yoga and sex, include housewives, attorneys (male and female), executives (ditto), and soccer moms, their sex partners, fitness instructors, and medical professionals. If you don't believe all the studies, then let's just go with the idea that if all these people say there is a connection between yoga, intimacy, and sex, they must be right.

It is easy to begin to recognize a possible link between yoga and sex, when you remember that fitness in general is likely to give you more self-confidence, energy, and body awareness...and enjoyment of....ahem....physical activity. Studies have shown that when your self-confidence levels are high, your satisfaction in the bedroom will automatically increase. It may be surprising to learn that satisfaction will still actually increase even if the sexual activity doesn't change at all!

How amazing is that?

Yoga supplies from GaiamiconBoth yoga and some other forms of exercise can also give you a better awareness of your body. This is important to having a good sex life. When you add yoga, aerobics, or even just regular stretching to your routine, you will notice improvements in attitude, and enjoyment of life in general. You will also begin to better understand your body, its flexibility, and your limits. This alone can help to improve your sex life.

The ancient art of yoga teaches, and relies on, body awareness, body movement, and breathing. Many experts are in agreement that these three components are important to having healthy intimacy levels. In fact, were you aware that with a regular practice of yoga, your sex life will probably improve even if it was not your goal or the main purpose for taking up yoga? Many find that a great return for the effort and one they did not expect as a result of this almost hidden connection between yoga and sex.

As was mentioned above, when you have better body control and awareness, you are more likely to be able to enjoy sex. Body awareness is one of the many foundations that yoga is great for improving. Being better aware of your body, as it improves with the practice of yoga, can help to give you a better image of yourself, which can, in turn, increase female libido, heighten your sex drive and ignite passion.

As for yoga breathing, it is so much more than just taking a breath while sitting on the couch watching the game. The kind of breathing that yoga calls for actually helps to strengthen your spine and your pelvis.

What does this mean for intimacy?

It can result in better action and movement....need I say more? Well, if I do, let me just tell you that you may find yourself being able to have sex longer. Your ability to try new sex positions successfully also improves with a regular practice of yoga.

Despite the fact that yoga is sometimes described as a "woman's workout", it most definitely is not. More and more males enjoy yoga for men now than before. In fact, despite some lingering beliefs that it is for "sissies", men make up a large portion of practitioners and yoga instructors alike, and you can bet that many men have already recognized the relationship of yoga and sex.

Why is this?

Perhaps, it has to do with what yoga can do for your sex life!

After all, most men and women want to experience maximum pleasure in the bedroom.

If your boyfriend or husband is one of those men, and they should be, convince them to try yoga with you. You may very will find yourself having romantic moments in the shower, or heading to the bedroom immediately following a stimulating yet relaxing yoga session.

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Yoga and Sex
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