TacFit Tactical Fitness Training Program for the Real World

Want to train like special operations professionals do? Learn tactical fitness from an expert. Get SEAL team training at home with the tactical fitness training program from TacFit.

Review: TacFit Tactical Fitness Training Program A special ops guy like James Bond needs more than show muscle to save the world...he needs real muscle...and real tactical fitness...because it isnít just enough to LOOK muscular and fit when evil villain Blofeld comes calling. When real life secret agents need functional training, like SEAL team training, they turn to TACFIT Commando.

The entire TACFIT Commando tactical training program is pure bodyweight and functional training that can be completed in about the same amount of space you need to lie down in. The workout takes onlin 20 minutes, but it's packed with an intensity and fat melting power most pro athletes donít even tap into during a full hour of training ó because real-world tactical operators donít have time to mess around...even when they're JUST training.

And, if that's not enough, TACFIT Commando will also teach you a few of the slicker moves used by real life field ops. Youíll be able to run, jump and slide like 007 in that wild opening Parkour sequence and youíll floor the ladies just like he did when you walk up the beach.

Review: TacFit Tactical Training Program

In designing TACFIT Commando, the developers looked at three real-world considerations:

  • Tactical Fitness Training Must Be Portable: In the real world of tactical fitness, operatives must be able to train anywhere, at any time.

  • Tactical Fitness Training Must Be Efficient: In the real world, tactical responders are constantly in operational mode and, so, their conditioning must be time compressed to fit into their hectic schedule.

  • Tactical Fitness Training Must Be Relevant: A real world tactical training program must contribute to, instead of competing with, tactical skills. There's no such thing as exercise just for the sake of exercise.
Each workout in TACFIT Commando is broken down into 3 distinct levels of movement sophistication.

The beginning level is accessible to those who are overweight, inactive, inexperienced, or entirely new to bodyweight training. The upper levels of the program are designed to challenge even elite athletes and experienced combat operators.

In tactical fitness and SEAL team training programs, TACFIT Commando is considered one of the best tactical fitness training programs for those who want to train like spec ops do.

For the best in tactical training program and functional training, TACFIT Commando is what you are looking for.

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The bodyweight training program that shows you how to train like spec ops pros. TacFit tactical training program.

If you need more information about seals team training you will find a very informative website at the TACFIT website.

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Review: TacFit Tactical Training Program
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