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Martial Arts - The Many Styles of Kung Fu

The several different forms involved with Kung Fu, only add to the power and mystique of this martial arts technique.Learn about White Crane, Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Praying Mantis and Monkey Kung Fu.

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The martial art form of Kung Fu is very old, yet very powerful. There are several different forms involved with Kung Fu, which only add to the power and mystique of this martial arts technique. Below, we will go over some of the different styles and forms that make up the art of Kung Fu.

White CraneThe Essence of Shaolin White Crane--Martial Power and Qigong

The spirit of the White Crane has led to what many martial artists consider what has to be the most graceful system of Kung Fu.  The pattern for the White Crane style was patterned after a crane bird often found in both the marshes and open plains.  The White Crane defense forms and attacks are nothing short of amazing, often known as “deadly beauty”.

Although the techniques within the White Crane style can take years to properly master, they are very simple and to the point. Although taught to avoid confrontation, White Crane stylists are masters of self defense.  Even though a stylist can handle himself in any situation, he will avoid a fight at all costs and only react with physical action when he is left with no choice.

Wing ChunWing Chun Kung Fu: Traditional Chinese King Fu for Self-Defense and Health

Viewed from a Chinese standpoint, Wing Chun is the essence that the opponent will attack, and the stylist will absorb, and then neutralize the attack.  Then, the opponent or attacker will back off, pursue, then the practitioner counters - disengaging his restriction from arms, and then retaliate with a deadly and penetrating force.

This philosophy will take years to fully understand, and years of practice to master. Technically speaking, Wing Chun uses a steady and never ending forward flow of energy that’s based on the principle that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points.

Offensively, Wing Chun is all about a combination of intercepting and straight lines with deflecting arcs.  In general, it is an aggressive close quarter style that pushes offensive attacks and takes the fight right to the attacker.  In other words - Wing Chun doesn’t care about, nor does it put a lot of time towards, the more traditional block and counter routines.

Hung GarIron Thread. Southern Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Classics Series

Hung Gar is essentially an adaptation of the TigerTiger And Crane Shaolin Kung Fu system of Shaolin that emphasizes close quarter techniques.  Hung Gar isn’t much on distance fighting, although it is very effective in close quarter combat situations, such as street fighting in alleys and in small rooms.  It is a very strong system, teaching stylists to handle themselves properly in areas where other martial arts seem to fail.

Praying MantisThe Deadly Art of Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Nearly 400 years ago, a man named Wang had a vision. Using a praying mantis that he was able to capture, Wang studied it’s movements.  By using what he saw, he created and founded the style of Praying Mantis. Wang perfected his own martial art style by continuing to observe both the offensive and defensive movements of the praying mantis, and using them with his style.

Monkey Kung FuMonkey Kung Fu: Monkey Fist, Floating Snake

Even though it is thought of a comical approach to martial arts, the Monkey (and Drunken MonkeyDrunken Monkey Kung Fu Technique) style is actually one of the deadliest martial arts systems in the world. This style dates back to the 1840s, when missionaries were first allowed passage into China.

The Monkey style all began when a peaceful maned named See resisted arrest after accidentally killing an officer of the law.  See was sentenced to prison for his crime, where he spent all of his time watching the prison apes.  He found them amazing, and would watch them from his cell, which his also helped to pass the time.

Over his ten year prison sentence, he studied the way the apes moved, paying very close attention to how they defended themselves and fought each other.  Then, when he was released from prison, he adapted his style, becoming known as the Monkey Master. A lot of people joined him along the way, and began to learn his Monkey system which is still very effective today.

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