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Even though one martial arts style may beat another in a competition or a fight, doesn’t always mean that the winning style is the best.

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I love questions that start, "What is the best...". Usually, you can answer them simply by saying, "The best is the one that works for you."

However, many people ask themselves this question without really being sure of how to recognize which of the many possible martial arts is best for them. This can make the final decision of which one to learn a difficult one for many.

No matter you may have heard or what others might have told you about their favorite martial arts form, it is simply impossible to honestly name one style of the martial arts as the ultimate best. Actually, there are several different factors that could come into play, which makes a statement about any particular style being "the best" impossible. We all have our favorites. Mine, for example, is Krav Maga.

Even though a practitioner of one style may beat someone using another style in a particular competition or fight, this does not automatically mean that the winning style is the "best".

The best martial art.Before deciding to rush out and spend time and effort to learn a particular martial art, there are several things that you should consider first.

Most martial arts can be great to learn, no matter which style you ultimately decide on. Almost any martial art can teach you self discipline, self defense, and several other traits that will help you no matter where you decide to go in life. One of the most important things to do is to figure out what it is that YOU want from your martial arts experience. You should also give consderation to how much you are willing to put into the activity.

Self Defense

Around the world, there are several martial arts schools, or dojo's, that emphasize self defense or close quarters combat a lot more than others. Schools that focus on kata (patterns and movements), forms, or light sparring are much less likely to teach you what you actually need to protect yourself on the street than other, more intense styles. If you are looking to learn real life street fighting self defense techniques, then you will want a style that trains hard and doesn't let up.


Even though almost any martial arts style can improve your physical fitness level, fitness isn't always a goal behind a lot of them. Several styles, such as Tae Bo, are based purely on martial arts and doesn't include a lot of physical fitness training. If you are looking mainly for fitness as your main goal, then it's possible you might want to look into something other than martial arts.

Fighting ability

This will vary among the many different martial arts styles. Self defense schools will most often take advantage of fighting skills, teaching you everything you need to survive. Most martial arts styles are slower in theory, concentrating on kata [form] and movements, while MMA training specifically prepares you for actual combat.


Competition based martial arts are all about winning trophies and showing the world your style of martial arts. The competition that you have chosen, will greatly impact your style of martial arts. You’ll need to decide if you will be fighting or showcasing display kata, light or heavy contact, or focusing on grappling or striking.

Before you decide on a martial arts style, you should always research the schools and dojos in your area and see what all they offer you. The best schools will allow you to participate in a few free classes, or offer you discounts on your first few months. They will answer any questions that you have, and work with you to help you learn as much as you can.

Martial arts can be a very fun and exciting learning experience.  There are hundreds of different martial arts styles out there, although you may be limited in choice, depending on what all is offered in your area. Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, and Jiu-Jitsu and some of the most common types of martial arts, and normally offered just about everywhere.  The more distinct styles, such as Kung Fu, Shootfighting, Kenpo, and Shaolin styles are a bit hard to harder to find.

If you do your homework on some of the martial arts styles that are taught or practiced in your area, you'll find one that best fits your reasons to study. Martial arts can change yourentire outlook on life - all you have to do is devote yourself to learning all you can about the philosophy of your martial art as well as its physical forms and techniques.

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