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Recent research has indicated that a substance called resveratrol, which is found in the skin and seeds of grapes used to make wine, has promising heart-healthy benefits and can help you lose weight.

For many decades, people from all around the world have wondered about and investigated the extended life expectancies of Europeans who drink red wine daily. Now the secret of the health benefits of red wine has been uncovered. Resveratrol has been at the center of ground-breaking anti-aging research and more recently, has been provided in a purified form for daily consumption.

Many anti-aging experts have come to the conclusions that red wine may play an important role in the health benefits of both the French and the Mediterranean diet. It has long been known that the skins of certain fruits (grapes, blueberries and cranberries) and wine contain a compound called resveratrol, which has beneficial antioxidant properties.

Many studies have shown that resveratrol, an ingredient found in red wine, which previously has been shown to prolong the life of non-human test subjects, may also extend the life span of vertebrate animals, including humans. Scientists have long known that red wine has its unique health benefits. Resveratrol, a molecular compound found in the wine, could prove to be one of the greatest break-throughs in the fight against aging. Drinking red wine not only reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease and helps you lose weight, but it may also reduce your risk for lung cancer especially if you are a current or ex-smoker, Reuters reported.

A new health product, Resveratrol Select, now allows you to get a strong dose of resveratrol in a pill. Not only do you NOT need to drink wine to get resveratrol, but you get more in one pill than you would get in several glasses of red wine.

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Quite possibly the biggest medical discovery since antibiotics!
"This could arguably be the biggest medical discovery since antibiotics!" Recently Harvard University released a clinical study proving that a compound found in red wine called Resveratrol.

Red Wine and Resveratrol: Good for your heart?
"Recent research has indicated substance called resveratrol, which is found in the skin and seeds of grapes used to make wine, has promising heart-healthy benefits."

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Resveratrol Select Weight Loss and Anti Aging Product
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