Anti-Aging Tips: The Health Benefits of Red Wine
By Donovan Baldwin

bottle of red wine and grapesFor many, the thought of a senior citizen using alcohol for any reason can be a source of controversy.

If is normal for you to enjoy the moderate use of alcohol, it can be pretty insulting, and upsetting, when someone tries to take that away from you or put limits on you as if you were a teenager again. Being treated as if you no longer have the ability to handle adult life in a responsible way can make you just plain mad!

Wine of the Month clubsBut, let's see how alcohol use by a senior may look to children or caregivers. After all, it is a fact that alcohol could be a medical problem during this period when health issues seem to become more central to your daily life.

I don't know about you, but many of us, our bodies are no longer able to deal as effectively with the consumption of alcohol in large, and regular quantities, as we were in our younger days. Heck, I remember back in the 60's when I was stationed in Germany, and I went to the Oktoberfest in Munich. You know, in just one night, this fraulein and I drank SO much...

Well, that's another story, but you get my point.

Most of us probably would be well advised to simply abstain from alcohol in our senior years, and I certainly do not want to encourage anyone to START drinking any alcoholic beverages in their senior years. However, I do have some good news about the health benefits of red wine for those who DO drink and would like to have an excuse for a glass or two from time to time.

On the other hand, medical science is now telling us that a glass of red wine taken before bed could possibly be an excellent health benefit in itself. This is not new information, but, some in the medical world would like us to think this was a big breakthrough.

There are many references going back for centuries which say that one of the health benefits of red wine is that it appears to aid in the function of the digestive system. This is even alluded to in the Bible. There are some studies which indicate that it can help by breaking down some of the components of food, and the contemplative feeling which one feels after a good meal accompanied by a glass of red wine must certainly be one of the health benefits of red wine.

It can be interesting to note, although unscientific, that many happy healthy cultures regularly include red wine as part of their normal course of existence. Often, these peoples, the French, for example, tend to eat foods which are said to clog arteries and destroy the heart yet live longer, healthier lives than those who eschew such things!

One of the health benefits of red wine is its ability to help prevent some forms of heart disease in some people. This is not to say that red wine is a medicine, or that it WILL prevent heart disease, but that statistics tend to show, and some very valid studies seem to indicate, that a glass or two of red wine a day will probably reduce the risk of heart disease. An antioxidant compound called Resveratrol seems to be the main factor in the ability of red wine to help control cholesterol, keep arteries healthy, and perhaps even help control obesity!

However, it won't do you much good to drink a glass of wine and eat a container of ice cream every day!

In today's world of stress and worry, it is interesting to note that a glass of red wine can help calm the nerves. Surely, almost anything which brings a moment of peace into our lives must be of value. Could relieving stress be another of the health benefits of red wine?

Not only are we discussing how red wine affects the population at large, but, as you can see from the few points above, sipping a glass or two of red wine a day, if you already are accustomed to drinking alcohol, can be one of the anti-aging tips for seniors we hope to impart on this website.

We have not even gotten to the facts that red wine is a formidable antioxidant and helps resist the aging process through the destruction of free radicals, or that it can possibly reduce the pain of arthritis! It can do this by stopping the activation of the gene, cyclozygenase-2 (cox-2). Cox-2 is suspected of creating the inflammation that causes arthritis pain.

Vitamins and Minerals in Wine

Wine does not actually contain much in the way of vitamins. However a glass of red wine provides, on average, these amounts of your daily vitamin needs: 1% Vitamin K, 1% Thiamin, 2% Niacin, 3% Riboflavin and 4% Vitamin K. Trace amounts of minerals are also found in wine.

Additionally, each glass of red wine provides close to the following percentages of your daily adult requirement of these minerals: 1% Calcium, 1% Copper, 1% Zinc, 3% Phosphorus, 4% Iron, 4% Magnesium, 5% Potassium and 10% Manganese.

Read more at: By the way, another great anti-aging tool is having a hobby. Many people enjoy the hobby of wine making. This is one way to get a "twofer"; the fun of having a hobby combined with the red wine you make yourself.
As I mentioned, I hope to be placing more anti-aging tips on this site over time, but for the moment let's just hope you got some beneficial information out of this discussion on the health benefits of red wine.

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Anti-Aging and Other Health Benefits of Red Wine

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