Skin Care - Aging and Wrinkles

Skin Care - Aging and Wrinkles

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Skin Care - Aging and Wrinkles

When it comes to beauty, skin aging and wrinkles are a person's two worst enemies. Although there isn't a lot you can do to completely prevent these tell-tale signs of aging, there are ways to delay their appearance.

The unfortunate fact is that skin can be said to begin the aging process almost from the moment you're born. Therefore, if you want to control skin aging and wrinkles, start early!

What Causes Skin Aging and Wrinkles?

Over time, two major skin components, elastin and collagen start to break down and skin begins to lose its elasticity, its underlying structure and its youthful ability to spring back into shape. Cell reproduction also slows down with age causing fat cells and oil glands to atrophy. As this happens, production of emulsions, destined to keep skin moist and youthful looking, slows and skin starts to become dry.

Add in the effects of gravity and soon jowls, arms and eyelids begin to sag...and, as the ladies will tell you, so do a woman's breasts.

Several other environmental factors contribute to the onset of skin aging and wrinkles. Cigarette smoking, air pollution, even laughing and frowning, and unprotected exposure to the sun all play a role in skin aging and wrinkling.

What's different about these environmental factors, as opposed to the natural aging process, is that most are within a person's ability to control. So, while there is no way (as of yet) to stop the aging process, the factors that contribute to its acceleration, including its effect on your skin, can be stopped.

The natural wrinkling, and other signs of aging, can be slowed by always taking care to use appropriate sun protection, guarding the skin from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. UV rays can penetrate unprotected layers of skin. They produce radiation which can seriously and permanently damage the cells that form skin tissue. UVA rays are believed capable of releasing oxidants, which are unstable particles that cause extensive cell damage.

Cigarette smoking promotes the release of oxidants as well. Oxidants slow the production of new collagen and elastin. Known also as free radicals, the best way to protect against their negative effects is to consume a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Smoking also restricts the blood flow in the epidermis so skin doesn't get the quantity of nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

The repetitive nature of cigarette smoking, specifically the repetitive contraction of the muscles surrounding the mouth, accelerates skin aging and wrinkling as do the muscle contractions that occur when laughing and frowning. Air pollution contributes to wrinkles by depriving the skin of Vitamin E, another important antioxidant.

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While it is hard to avoid the aging effects of air pollution, you can defend against lung pollution, and skin aging, if you quit smoking, or, at the very least, switch to one of the modern e-cigarettes.

Simple Skin Care For Anti-aging and Wrinkles

Keeping skin clean and moist is probably the best skin care regimen for anti-aging and wrinkles. It's better than most of the higher-priced solutions that promise to end wrinkling. Wash with warm water and gentle cleaner and pat skin dry so some moisture remains. Hot water, especially when combined with the use of harsh soaps, quickly deplete your skin of essential oils and increase dryness. Also, avoid products which contain dyes or perfumes which may further irritate skin. When removing eye makeup, be gentle, as the skin surrounding the eyes is very delicate and prone to wrinkling.

While this simple daily regimen of skin care can help keep your skin looking youthful, there are products, such as Revitol Anti-Aging Solution, and VIVIX Anti-Aging product from Shaklee can help reduce skin aging and wrinkles.

One major cause of skin aging and wrinkles that is often overlooked is stress.

Reducing stress is one of the best, and least expensive, things you can do to keep your skin looking younger, longer.

There it is: simple, inexpensive skin care for anti-aging and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, aging is an unstoppable process, and, so are wrinkles. So protect your skin by living a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, exercise, don't smoke and avoid excess alcohol consumption. Care of the Skin is an ongoing process.

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