5 Personal Home Blood
Pressure Monitors Under $40

Monitor your blood pressure regularly yourself with these inexpensive, easy to use, simple blood pressure monitors.

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One of the most important things you can do for yourself if you have high blood pressure, is have it checked regularly by trained medical personnel. Most doctor's offices will do this for free for their patients. In many communitties, the local fire department or ambulance service will also check your blood pressure for free. There are also mechanical devices for checking your blood pressure almost anywhere there is a pharmacy, including most larger grocery stores.

Drawbacks of Using Outside Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring, of course, is most beneficial when it is done regularly, and accomplishing this can be difficult if you have to rely on a doctor's office or fire department to do it. While the grocery store or pharmacy may be convenient on occasion, if you need to monitor your blood pressure, you need to do it regularly...at least daily and even several times throughout the day.

Getting to any or all of these places on a regular basis can be daunting. Heck! Just thinking about the scheduling involved would make MY blood pressure go up!

Also, be aware of the existence of "white coat" syndrome", or "white coat hypertension", as it is sometimes called. For many of us, the doctor entering the examination room, or even the anticipation of it, is enough to raise our blood pressure. It is for this reason it is a good idea to take your own blood pressure regularly with an accurate home blood pressure monitoring device, so that you have an idea of what's going on with your blood pressure on a daily basis, and not just at the moment you are in the doctor's office.

Consistancy is Important

You really need to have your blood pressure monitored in the same way each time. Same device, same technician would be best. After all,the "trend" of your blood pressure readings can usually tell your doctor more than any single reading. Even a couple of trips to the doctor's office can be misleading as one nurse or technician may do it one time and another on a different visit. I once had a doctor who did her own blood pressure screening of patients because her staff was just not very accurate or consistent.

Outside Monitoring Can Add Points to Your Blood Pressure Reading

It is common for people to get higher readings when getting their blood pressure read by someone else simply because of the small, but real, stress which accompanies the process.  Also, if you have been shopping or make a specific trip to a place to "get your blood pressure read", your reading may still be somewhat elevated from the activity...driving, shopping, hurrying to get it done and get to the next scheduled activity.

Advantages of Regular Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Fortunately, it is now possible to take your own blood pressure at home, or while traveling, with several different personal blood pressure monitors.  These automatic blood pressure monitors take the guesswork, and stress, out of regular blood pressure monitoring.  You can do it anytime you want, anywhere you want.  Most will fit easily in a purse, can be packed in a suitcase, are pretty accurate, and there are many that cost less than $50, many less than $25. Accurate home blood pressure monitoring devices are readily available almost anyplace that sells health related items...Walmart, your local grocery store, or even your neighborhood pharmacy.

5 Automatic Personal Blood Pressure Monitors for Under $40

Advocate Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - $21.95 icon

Veridian Health Semi Automatic Digital Blood Pressue Monitor - $24.88 icon

HOMEDICS Blood Pressure Wrist Automatic Monitor - $26.52 icon

Medquip Full Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - $27.99 icon

ReliOn 1-Button Blood Pressure Monitor - $28.47 icon

Now, the above monitors and prices are from Walmart as of 10/24/2011, but they are pretty representative of what is avilable in low-priced home blood pressure monitors. Walmart has many more available online. Just click here to see what Walmart has to offer.

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