Information About Hypercet Natural Herbal Blood Pressure Support Formula

Hypercet is a 100% natural, non-addictive herbal remedy formulated by natural health experts. This natural blood pressure support formula has been used for many years to safely support health and systemic balance in the cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

Information About Hypercet Blood Pressure Support Formula
By Donovan Baldwin

We all know that cardiovascular health is vital to overall well-being. The fact is that we simply cannot live without a properly functioning cardiovascular system.

In order to have healthy blood pressure, it is necessary to ensure that the all-important cardiovascular and circulatory systems are functioning to the best of their ability. For this reason, it’s important to take care of all parts of these systems in as many ways as we can.

There have been many clinical studies conducted by many of the most prestigious health institutions which demonstrate the ability of several natural ingredients, i.e. herbs, to provide effective support to the cardiovascular system and help maintain normal blood pressure.

The Hypercet Blood Pressure Support Formula contains a unique selection of herbs known to provide support for promoting circulatory health and well-being. It is a 100% natural, non-addictive herbal remedy formulated by a team of professional natural health experts.

Hypercet has been popular with a great many people for many years as a product to safely help support health, function, and an overall systemic balance within the cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

With the proprietary Hypercet blood pressure support formula, you get a completely natural formula which not only supports healthy blood pressure, but can help improve overall health and wellness as well.

The Hypercet Blood Pressure Support Formula works to balance and facilitate your unique and complex body chemistry to support good health. It also supports and maintains healthy, normal blood pressure which is not yet elevated. Combine the Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula with a healthy lifestyle of good diet and exercise to help prevent the development of hypertension.


The Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula is a proprietary blend of five essential elements for healthy blood pressure.


A recent article by Christopher Ott (The Surprising Benefits of Calcium, Natural Health. Jan/Feb2001, Vol. 32 Issue 1) describes the many ways calcium protects your health, including the role it plays in protecting your heart.

Gene Spiller, PhD, the Director of the Health Research and Studies Center says, "In fact, your calcium intake may be almost as important to blood pressure as your sodium intake," He is co-author, with Bonnie Bruce, of Calcium: Nature's Versatile Mineral.

Dr. Spiller is also quoted as stating, "An adequate supply of calcium helps muscles—including your heart muscle—do their work of contracting and relaxing. Calcium also appears to help your nervous system regulate the level of pressure in your arteries."

Calcium is a naturally occurring, and valuable dietary mineral, with no known side effects.



The fourth most abundant mineral in the body, the trace mineral magnesium has value in about 300 biochemical processes within the body, and is essential to general health and well-being..

A diet which is high in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, whole grains, nuts, and some legumes can be a good natural source of magnesium. Tap water can, in come cases, be a good source, if the water is "hard." "Soft", or conditioned, water contains fewer minerals and is less likely to contain enough magnesium to be significant.

Magnesium is a naturally occurring, and also highly valuable, dietary mineral, with no known side effects but many health benefits.

Malic Acid

Who hasn't heard the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."?

Well, my friend, there's more truth in that old saying than you might think.

While made by almost all living organisms, malic acid, in sufficient quantities to be of value, is derived from tart apples and grapes, and is an essential part of the magnesium support team.

Malic acid is an important part of the Krebs cycle. This is a series of chemical reactions carried out in the living cell. It's purpose is to increase ATP, or Adenosine triphosphate, a coenzyme that supports muscle health, reduces muscle stress, and improves energy levels throughout the body.

Malic Acid is a naturally occurring substance with no known side effects.

Citric Acid

Citric acid (better known to many as Vitamin C, is an acid in its fresh form. That is as it comes to us from citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes. Once ingested, it, the body's metabolic processes transform it into alkali. This is a good thing for your blood. Our modern American diet tends to be overly acidic due to our consumption of coffee, sodas, alcohol, and certain proteins, primarily from red meat. A predominately acidic diet tends to create a chronic inflammatory cycle in the body which is bad for health and has been linked to cardiovascular disease and even heart attacks.

Citric acid, like malic acid, is essential to the Krebs cycle.

Citric acid, together with malic acid, are involved with several complex chemical actions, which result in the production of carbon dioxide, and its removal from the cells.

Citric acid is also used in many processes as a natural preservative, and does the same for the Hypercet Blood Pressure Support Formula.

Citric Acid is another naturally occurring substance with no known side effects, although high Vitamin C intake can sometimes lead to constipation.


Glycine is a non-essential amino acid which occurs naturally in beans, brewer's yeast, dairy products, meat, seafood, nuts and whole grains. Glycine is an important factor in the production of glucose in the liver.

Glycine also plays an important role in supporting healthy blood in your body, and is involved in the manufacture of nitrogen which aid in the processing of many other amino acids, and is also of use in the processing of hemoglobin, glutathione, DNA, and RNA.

Glycine aids brain function, and is also important for a healthy prostate gland.
NOTE: While Glycine is a naturally occurring substance with no known side effects, People taking antipsychotic drugs, and people with kidney or liver disease should talk with their doctor before taking glycine.
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High Blood Pressure has always been an issue for me. With Hypercet, I've been enjoying natural support for months. --Greg, CA

Both me and my husband have had issues with our blood pressure for years. It's great to know there's a natural supplement for us! --Nancy, NY

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There are now a number of published clinical studies demonstrating the ability of a range of herbs to support the cardiovascular system and to maintain normal range blood pressure

If you need more information about how to balance cardiovascular system you will find a very informative website at Hypercet Natural Herbal Blood Pressure Support Formula.

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