How Diet and Food Affect Your Blood Pressure

Watching your diet can be very beneficial to keeping your blood pressure normal.

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Are you aware that your diet can seriously affect your blood pressure? Keeping a close watch on your diet can often be very beneficial to keeping your blood pressure normal. Even if you have not yet had a problem with high blood pressure, taking precautions can be beneficial in preventing high blood pressure.

You could try a Vegetarian diet. In this type of diet you will get many of the following:

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
• Complex Carbohydrates
• Polyunsaturated Fat

These vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can have a great influence on your blood pressure.

Sugar can increase your blood pressure, especially the common table sugar, sucrose. Try to limit your intake of sugar. A diet high in fiber has been proven effective in lowering blood pressure. Along with lowering your blood pressure this diet will also help you reduce your cholesterol levels and even promote weight loss.

Alcohol is also something which needs to be kept under control if you want to maintain normal blood pressure. The rule of thumb is one drink a day for women and two for men. Remember, however, that we are all different. I find that with two drinks a day my blood pressure goes up, so I limit myself to one Corona light a day and it stays within a healthy range.

A diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables is very important in any diet for healthy blood pressure. Any diet that is based on fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy foods and, is also low in total fat, cholesterol and saturated fat has proven to be effective in lowering blood pressure.

Many people use more salt than they are aware of. Maybe because some of us are just used to automatically salting our food unaware if it was even previously salted when being preapred. (Particularly when eating out) Reducing your salt intake will also help lower your blood pressure.

A diet which is high in potassium and low in sodium can help reduce your blood pressure by reducing the effect of adrenaline. To be effective, remember that, if you reduce your sodium intake you must also increase your potassium intake.

There are some vegetables and spices that help control your blood pressure. Many of these are very common vegetables and spices so you may be helping your blood pressure and not even know it.

The essential oil of onions is very beneficial. If you have two to three tablespoons of this essential onion oil a day, it could help reduce your systolic levels. Tomatoes are also beneficial for controlling blood pressure. They are high in GABA, a compound that helps lower your blood pressure.

Broccoli contains several beneficial blood pressure reducing ingredients. Carrots also have many compounds that do the same. Introducing these vegetables to your diet will do wonders for your blood pressure. Even if you don't suffer from high blood pressure, it's best to keep it at a safe level and take the extra precautions to get there.

Garlic and celery are also great to add to your diet. Garlic is good for the heart which you've probably been told before. Eating just one clove of garlic a day has been proven to be beneficial.

Whatever diet you eventually choose to follow, or whatever foods you try to limit, remember that the goal is to do it for your health. Believe it or not, many people actually learn to enjoy healthier foods as they get older. If you have any questions or concerns about your blood pressure ask your doctor. He or she should be happy to help you and answer any questions you might have. Taking the initiative in taking care of your health is very important and will make you feel much better.

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Food Diet and Blood Pressure
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