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Jaw exercise- a natural remedy to snoring troubles!

VitalSleep Relationship BannerHow does a night in front of a favorite TV show, relaxing and massaging your jaw and muscles with a throat exercise sound? Soothing and rejuvenating, right?

Well, why not do a simple, easy exercise that will cure your snoring troubles while you watch TV?

If your snoring has run your sleeping partner out of your room, or, and you may not know this, is interfering with your own sleep, this is the chance to win him/her back...and get better sleep in the process!

That's how to kill three birds with one stone; you relax yourself, and you get to exercise your muscles as, at the same time, you cure the troubles of snoring.

The benefit of exercising the jaw is that, over time, it gets stronger. This means that when you sleep, the palate doesn’t drop in your throat, thus, there would be no hindrance to the air passage. There would be no involuntary vibration of the soft palate and say goodbye to snoring.

How does a morning with a fully charged energy to get through the tasks of the day sound?

You get an extra bonus when your spouse tells you how peaceful and quiet the past night was. A sprightly morning kiss perhaps will inspire you more to accomplish another great day. This will be the gift of jaw exercise that you can benefit without spending a single amount.

The most common hindrance to proper breathing is a tensed jaw. Because it blocks the airway, the soft palate vibrates at the back part of the throat. So the annoying sound called snoring is created. With this exercise, the jaw is opened up as it strengthens the muscles concerned for respiration.

Here's how to do it.

To start with, put the upper molars and the lower molars together. Slowly, feel your lips touching each other in a very light manner. Then open your mouth as wide as you can without stressing it. Repeat this procedure for how many counts with the only focus on your molars. Like the hinges of the door, your molars should be put together and your jaw lowered. By doing this, you will feel the muscles of your jaw strengthened and the back part of the mouth seemed to be opening. This tissue which you feel at the back of your mouth is the one hindering your air passage. It is normal to feel like the muscle is contracting at the back of the throat. And continuous repetition of the exercise puts that muscle on its proper position while clearing your breathing.

This exercise is surely effective because it hits right to the root of the problem. For all you know, the obstruction to the air passage gives a hard time for air to get to your lungs. This causes the drop off in the area of airways. And as the area is decreased, the velocity of the air increases, creating that flapping sound which annoys your spouse at night.

Strengthening the jaw is a major step to prevent and cure snoring. In case your problem wasn’t resolved by this exercise, that could mean another thing. Snoring can be a symptom of a severe disease especially those linking to the heart. To avoid sudden death or heart attack, consult your doctor for other possible remedies. This exercise is a natural remedy which you can try in your own homes. All it requires is a little effort and diligence and the effect is instantaneous. Its time you enjoy sleeping without that snoring problem.

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