CHAPTER XXIII: The Daily Regimen

The following discourse is a brief summary of the suggestions in this volume which may be incorporated in the daily regimen:

Wake and rise from six to eight o'clock. Drink a cup of hot or cold water immediately upon arising.

Practice the thyroid-stimulating exercises given in other parts of this book. Follow by spine-strengthening movements in combination with the hot-water-drinking.

Following these exercises a dry friction bath may be taken, if desired; also a cold bath. The latter is not necessary to the same extent while following the hot-water-drinking regimen as under ordinary circumstances. The bath may be varied from time to time by taking a cold sitz bath instead of a complete bath.

Before breakfast indulge in a good laugh or a little singing.

Eat a light breakfast - preferably consisting chiefly of acid fruits, such as oranges, apples, pears, grapefruit, grapes, etc.

Throughout the day while following your daily duties remember the suggestions in reference to proper position. Make a continuous and never-ending fight to keep a straight spine. Hold the chin in, down and backward, with spine erect as nearly as possible, whether sitting or standing.

Be hopeful, be cheerful, but cultivate the fighting spirit. You cannot have too much will power, determination.

Eat your first hearty meal between twelve and two o'clock, depending upon the time at which you had breakfast. From five to six hours should elapse between meals to insure perfect digestion. Masticate [chew] thoroughly. Enjoy your food as much as possible. Do not eat without a keen appetite.

walking womanTry to take a walk some time during the day. Remember during this walk to practice the thyroid-stimulating exercise-chin inward, downward and backward while holding a deep full breath, with the abdomen expanded.

Do not forget the necessity of using liquids freely. Have water close at hand so that your thirst can easily be satisfied.

Some time during the day, if possible, take some form of outdoor exercise which will compel deep full breathing similar to that induced by running.

Try to get a good laugh or do a little singing before your evening meal.

Your evening meal should be taken between six and eight o'clock, depending upon the time of breakfast and lunch. Do not forget my suggestion for closing the meal with a little acid fruit. A few spinal exercises, a walk or a short run before retiring can be highly recommended.

During the evening, if convenient, take an air bath.

Take a combination sun bath and air bath in the morning or at any time during the day that is convenient. If you cannot take a regular sun bath wear light-colored clothing and walk on the sunny side of the street when outdoors to get the sun's rays through your clothing.

Take a hot soap-and-water bath once or twice a week.

Retire early enough to awake thoroughly refreshed at proper rising time without the warning of an alarm clock.


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