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Using Resistance Bands For Abdominal Exercises

Resistance bands of varying strength levels can be used as an effective component of any workout routine, and stomach exercises are no exception. There are a number of exercises which target the midsection that can incorporate resistance bands.

Resistance bands come in a variety of resistance levels, which are usually indicated by the color of the band itself (e.g., green can be little resistance, yellow may be medium, red for difficult, etc.). Choose a resistance level that is appropriate for you, then move up as necessary. Do not overdo it by immediately grabbing the most advanced band you can find, as this can lead to injury. In fact, your best bet is to choose the weakest band and try it before you begin moving up in difficulty. Also, the colors I have listed above are just as an example; always check the package as each manufacturer may have their own marking system.

As with any workout routine, be sure to consult a professional before beginning and always warm up properly to avoid injury.

The following abdominal exercises using resistance bands can help you get a flat stomach fast when combined with other exercises and proper nutrition.

Seated Crunch With Resistance Band

While this exercise can provide the same benefits as the basic abdominal crunch, it does it with less neck strain and without the possible discomfort that comes with lying on the floor. This is because it uses a resistance band rather than gravity to provide the necessary resistance.

For this stomach exercise, you will need to be sitting in a straight back chair which you can somehow safely loop your band through. Sit up straight with the ends of the band in your hands, your feet flat on the floor and about as wide apart as your hips. Contract your abdominal muscles, and slowly bend forward to about a forty-five degree angle. Repeat for an entire set. Be sure to keep your feet on the floor and your back as straight as possible.

One-Arm Resistance Band Pull

Stand up with feet hip-width apart. Put your hands above your head, holding them about eighteen inches apart. While keeping your left hand overhead, bring your right hand out to the side, elbow bent at about a ninety degree angle. Hold your left arm still as you contract your abdominals and lower your right arm (still in its position) until your hand is in line with your chest. Hold this position, then slowly return. Repeat for an entire set, then switch hands. Keep your back straight and avoid bending or leaning at the waist.

For an additional challenge, you can do this exercise standing on one foot. Perform the exercise with both hands while standing on your left foot, then do it all again on your right foot.

Tip If you have difficulty holding the upper hand in place, try standing with that side in an open doorway and pressing your hand against the upper door frame. You might also try a band with less resistance and build up to the stronger bands.

Twisting Roll-Back

For this abdominal exercise, you will need to sit on a flat surface, preferably the floor. Use a mat or towel for cushioning to ease possible strain on your tail bone. Sit down with your legs bent and heels on the floor. Your toes should be pointing up...do not put your feet flat on the floor. Loop the band around your feet, put one end in each hand and put your hands together. In a rolling motion, lower your torso toward the floor about forty-five degrees. As you do this, twist to the right and spread your hands to the sides. Hold for a second, then rotate back to the middle and raise your torso back to start. Your heels should remain on the floor throughout the exercise. Do a full set, then switch to the left side.

As always, in order to get a flat stomach fast you will want to supplement any stomach exercises with regular cardio workouts. You may already have a great set of abs in there somewhere, but unless you burn the fat off of them, no one will ever see them.

About the Author:

Donovan Baldwin is a freelance writer residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, and a University of West Florida alumnus. He is a past member of Mensa and is retired from the U. S. Army after 21 years of service. In his career, he has held many managerial and supervisory positions. However, his main pleasures have long been writing, nature, health, and fitness. In the last few years, he has been able to combine these pleasures by writing poetry and articles on subjects such as health, fitness, weight lifting, yoga, weight loss, the environment, happiness, self improvement, and life. His blog on Senior Health and Fitness can be found at Fitness-After-40.ws.

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Using Resistance Bands For Abdominal Exercises
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