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Exercises to flatten the stomach

Where You Can Find Exercises To Flatten The Stomach
By Donovan Baldwin

When people begin thinking about Spring and the warm days of summer, often one of the first things that comes to the minds of many is their stomach...and how to make it flatter.

Pretty normal, I guess.

Free Ebook: Lean Body SecretsYeh, I believe it's simply normal for someone to want to look their best, and Summer clothing and bathing suits tend to show more of a person's body...often more than they want to show...or are proud of.

So, what's to do?

Really, the question isn't whether or not someone wants a flatter stomach...because they do. It's probably more of a question about how to obtain the flat, hard midsection that mathces the image their minds.

If that person is not experienced in the areas of nutrition and exercise, one of the first thing that they may wonder is where can they find exercises that flatten the stomach.

Here's a few suggestions where to look for abdominal exercises:

Online Resources

Stomach ExercisesThere are many resources for finding out about exercises that flatten the stomach.

Obviously in today's world, especially if you are reading this online, the first source many people will look to is the Internet. Once on the world wide web, all a person has to do is type in "exercises that flatten the stomach", or similar phrases, and a variety of sites will come up...all ready to provide the answer to the question.

Some of these sites, of course, will be commercial enterprises which, for a fee, will provide detailed workout routines and usually offer information about some sort of healthy eating program.

Nothing wrong with that, I guess. There's no reason a reputable expert should not benefit financially from the fruits of his or her expertise.

Some sites will simply describe various exercises that flatten the stomach, while there are other sites that sell videos that concentrate on these types of exercises. It may be a bit overwhelming for a person to decide on the best way to achieve their goal. Still, for some people, the paid sites are just fine since everything is laid out for them and the training is usually designed specifically for that individual based on their goals and current situation.

For others, these types of sites are not an option; in that case sites like this one that offer free advice can be helpful. The videos are also excellent for people that like to exercise at home and do not want to rely on reading instructions in order to do the exercises correctly.

Some sites offer various forms of online training either for a fee or for free, although many free courses are offered to get you to buy additional items. However, free is free, and there is often a lot of information available from these sites.  
You can sign up for a free abdominal training course and get some great abdominal training.

In the last few decades, many governmental agencies and various organizations have put a lot of free information online. This is true about exercise, and, as an example, you can click here to see excellent free abdominal exercise information from the American Council on Exercise.

At the Gym

Besides the Internet, there are also resources where are person can find exercises that flatten the stomach. For those that are truly dedicated to this goal, and have the time and money, sometimes a gym or fitness club is the way to go. It is at these places that a person can get one on one help from a fitness trainer and have access to different types of exercise equipment all geared at flattening the stomach. This option however is not for everyone. Many people can not afford the membership fees and even if they can, it takes time to travel back and forth from the club, this is time that many people do not have. It may also be inconvenient for people who would have to find babysitters for children while they are working out.

At the Library

These days, the local library is a great and often times overlooked place to find exercises that flatten the stomach. At the library a person has access to many books that are written on this topic along with videos that can be borrowed and magazines that can either be borrowed or read while at the library. Besides the information that can be found at the library, another advantage is that the books and videos are not purchased, so if a person does not like that particular selection, all the person has to do is return it, and try another one without investing large amounts of money to find just the right exercise. When a person does find what they like, they can then buy the video, book or magazine and know that they are getting what they want.

Just for info, most exercise books will be filed around numbers 613 and 616 under the Dewey Decimal System.

By the way, do not turn your nose up at second-hand book stores. I found one of the best exercise books I have ever owned, 5-Factor Fitness: The Diet and Fitness Secret of Hollywood's A-List, by Harley Pasternak, in a second hand book store. It currently sells on Amazon for $5.98, but I got it for $1.

Newspapers and Magazines

There are many magazines which offer information on fitness including how to get a flat stomach fast. You will also find that many local and national newspapers have gotten into the habit of regularly providing fitness information ranging from a list of exercise or nutrition tips to entire fitness programs, often complete with illustrations.

These are just a few sources a person has available to go to when looking for exercises that flatten the stomach. A person may want to try several different possible sources, the information they provide, and decide what combination of knowledge works best for them, given their own circumstance, and then remember to follow through in order to achieve their abdominal exercise goals.

About the Author:

Donovan Baldwin is a freelance writer residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, and a University of West Florida alumnus. He is a past member of Mensa and is retired from the U. S. Army after 21 years of service. In his career, he has held many managerial and supervisory positions. However, his main pleasures have long been writing, nature, health, and fitness.  In the last few years, he has been able to combine these pleasures by writing poetry and articles on subjects such as health, fitness, weight lifting, yoga, weight loss, the environment, global warming, happiness, self improvement, and life. His blog on Senior Health and Fitness can be found at

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Where to Find Exercises to Flatten the Stomach

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