A green coffee bean supplement can help manage blood sugar, increase fat burning, and help you lose weight without diet or exercise.

Green Coffee Bean For Weight Loss?
By Donovan Baldwin

Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss ProductIf you have been looking for a good weight loss product, you have probably heard some of the recent hype about using a green coffee bean supplement for weight loss.

Some of it is possibly just hype from people trying to sell their green coffee bean weight loss supplement, but, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are reporting their weight loss success with these sorts of products. Even people who had been slowly losing weight through diet and exercise, have reported an increased weight loss result when they add a green coffee bean supplement to their weight loss program.

One of the results of the success of this product is that it is becoming harder to get in some areas...and, more expensive.

It's interesting that such a simple product, unroasted coffee beans, which are unfit for coffee, contain chlorogenic acid, which can have such profound effects when used as part of a weight loss program. This substance, chlorogenic acid, actually works to slow down the release of sugar, in the form of glucose, to the cells of the body.

Slowing the release of glucose to the cells, helps prevent the body choosing to store this glucose as fat, which happens when the body is forced to accept, or consider accepting, too much glucose at once. This is what happens in a condition known as "insulin resistance", which is often the first step to type 2 diabetes.

This is the contribution of a green coffee bean supplement which results in enhanced weight loss. However, once the coffee bean is roasted, it loses its chlorogenic acid, and its primary ability to contribute to weight loss.

While simply taking a green coffee bean supplement daily may help many people lose "some" weight, the best weight loss results occur when the supplement is added to a weight loss program which includes regular exercise and proper diet.

You don't just have to depend on the claims of supposed users of any particular green coffee bean supplement either.

In study results presented to a meeting of the American Chemical Society, 16 overweight young adults took, by turns, a low dose of green coffee bean extract, a high dose of the same green coffee supplement, and a placebo. Subjects taking the full dose of the green coffee extract lost an average of 17.5 pounds in 22 weeks and reduced their overall body weight by 10.5%!

So, it appears that taking a green coffee bean supplement for weight loss just might be a good idea.

Green Coffee Bean For Weight Loss?
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