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Diet and Weight Loss
By Donovan Baldwin

For most of us in America, or even in the Western World, these days, the terms "diet" and "weight loss" seem to be bound together. Where one is found, there is found the other.

It is also assumed by many that the subject of diet and weight loss is a simple one and, if you are talking about one, you are talking about the other.

However, diet and weight loss is not ONE simple topic, but rather just the heading of a broad range of practices, products, actions, events, and expectations.

There is no one weight loss product, or article on the subject of diet and weight loss that can cover all the products and points of view that fall under that simple term.

Therefore, on the following pages I provide articles, some of which I have written myself, concerning diet and weight loss. Some will be about specific diet or weight loss products, some will be about news, concepts, practices, fact, and belief. I will try to make it plain which is which.

To see a list of the articles, please visit the TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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Diet and Weight Loss
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