Tips For Losing Weight On Your Business Trip

By Paul Jeffrey Thompson

Working out and dieting are relatively easy at home, but, how can you continue to keep fit and manage your weight loss when on a business trip?

Diet and Weight LossIf you have been working out at the gym and dieting at home and find that your program is working fine, what happens when your boss sends you on a business trip? What happens when your schedule is disrupted and you are surrounded by unhealthy food? What happens when there is no decent gym and you don't have a workout buddy? Don't panic, here are some excellent tips for fast ways to lose weight during your business trip.

Waiting At The Airport

Waiting at the airport is inevitable, but the more you wait, the more you stress. Stress stimulates hunger pangs for sweet and carbohydrate foods, which play havoc with your diet. Snacking at the airport can quickly add hundreds of calories to your diet before you even board the plane.

Tips for fast ways to lose weight:

Stay away from the airport food courts as these rarely offer healthy options. Instead take your own healthy snacks, such as protein bars, beef jerky, apples and your favourite gym energy shakes (which you can mix up with water). Stay away from the business lounge bar as alcohol increases dehydration and decreases motivation.

On Board the Aircraft

On board an aircraftAn aircraft cabin is incredibly unhealthy as the air is re-circulated and dry. The relative humidity of an aircraft cabin is about 10%, which is less than the Atacama desert. Low humidity environments dehydrate your skin, body and muscles leaving you dehydrated and dry. Dehydration is doubly bad as it hinders weight loss and increases fatigue. Remember also that if you are taking Creatine supplements, you need to stay hydrated.

Tips for fast ways to lose weight:

Drink plenty of water. Start with a 16-ounce bottle before you board and continue drinking throughout the flight. Avoid dehydrating drinks such as red wine and alcohol. Avoid unhealthy in-flight meal options which can be loaded with carbs. Choose a healthy muesli breakfast and avoid the pastries and bread options. Anything with protein is fine, including tuna, chicken, turkey or beef. For snacks choose nuts over pretzels, or eat your own.

On The Road

Instead of missing out on your workout, you will feel much better and your body will thank you if you continue with your program. Men need about 200 minutes of hard exercise per week just to maintain their existing weight. If you are losing weight you need more. If you are gaining weight, you need to build more muscle.

Tips for fast ways to lose weight:

Schedule your workouts into you iCal, iPhone or any other PDA you may use. Scheduling workouts with your PDA is another one of those fast ways to lose weight.

Your workout is as important as any meeting, so should be scheduled as such (obviously out of work hours). After 5pm, work in other engagements or meeting around your gym schedule, not the other way around.

At The Hotel

The hotel may have advertised the gym as modern or state of the art, but is it really? What happens if the gym turns out to be a dud, is closed for maintenance, or there is no pool.

Tips for fast ways to lose weight at the hotel:

Check up with the manager before-hand as to what kind of gym they have. If it inadequate, book a hotel with a decent gym. If non is available, book a hotel close to a good quality gym which you can use as a guest. Many hotels offer free access to the local gym.

At The Hotel Bar

At the barThe problem here is that you think you are on holiday, that you are bored or lonely. You have a great expense account and you go for a drink. This spells disaster for your routine as firstly you will drink yourself overweight and secondly you will lose your motivation.

Tips for fast ways to lose weight at the hotel bar:

Avoid the bar if you can; a drink of green tea would be much better. Watch a video or go to a movie instead. If your client is insistent and you have to go for a drink, choose a low calorie drink such as a Bloody Mary.

In Your Hotel Room

The mini bar is your worst enemy and is a factory for fat. Likewise room service is a factory for fat. The room service menu is laden with unhealthy foods which you would never eat at home.

Tips for fast ways to lose weight in your hotel room:
  • Don't open the mini bar.

  • Don't open the room service menu.

  • Instead, order your own meal from room service, eating what you would at home.

  • Order chicken, turkey, salmon, tilapia (no buns, mayo or fries).

  • Build your own mini bar.

  • Stack up with healthy snacks from a local store. Choose things such as low calorie yogurt, protein bars, fruit, almonds or unsalted nuts.
Following these tips on fast ways to lose weight will help to ensure that you continue with your workout regime and that you don't increase your weight. Keep up with your routine and you can have more energy, perform better and return home fitter than when you left.

Paul is passionate about having a great body. He believes gym routines should be fun, efficient and effective. You can read more about the most effective ways to get a great body below.

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Tips For Losing Weight On Your Business Trip
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