Achieving Happiness - Exercise To Release Endorphins
By Donovan Baldwin

Endorphins are popularly associated with feelings of exhilaration which are brought about by stress such as pain, danger, or other stress-producing situations or conditions. Essentially, endorphins serve as calming, sedative receptors which help suppress both mental or physical pain or discomfort.

Solution - Get Moving

A regular exercise program is a great way to release endorphins...also regularly. You have probably heard of athletes pushing themselves to greater levels of performance due to the body releasing endorphins as a result of the activity. Endorphins not only dull the pain, but, provide an exhilaration similar to many popular drugs.

You have probably heard of "runner's high".

Many people, both seriously and humorously, agree that releasing endorphins, which are naturally produced by the body during exercise, is a legal way to get high...and, maintain that high for an extended period of time.

Not only is this perfectly legal, and good for you, but, to day, no one has found any indication that there are any negative side effects to these natural "drugs".

Unfortunately, there are some people who feel that, "if some is good, more is better".

These people believe that exercising to extreme is one way to produce even higher levels of endorphins, thus producing even higher highs.

However, just like with illegal drugs, trying to do too much can actually injure your body and your mind. I don't see this as being necessary, as regular, moderate extecise, can keep you "supplied" with a pleasurable level of endorphins, from which you very seldom, if ever, need to come down.

There is some disagreement among experts as to whether endorphins are released into the body because of the physical exercise itself, or, because of some sort of mental pressure which is related to making the body meet the physical challenge itself. Either way, who cares? Exercise produces endorphins which makes you feel good.

What else really matters?

Here's some even better news about endorphins.

You don't have to exercise to get your body to release endorphins.

Spicy foods and orgasms also do the same thing.

Good news, huh?

Not only do endorphins cause pleasure, but, apparently, pleasure, and salsa, can produce endorphins.

Achieving Happiness - Exercise To Release Endorphins
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