Book Review - Everyone Try Yoga: Finding Your Yoga Fit

What is the best yoga for beginners? Get this book and learn yoga sequences for beginners and much more.

The best yoga book?

Book Review - Everyone Try Yoga: Finding Your Yoga Fit

Everyone Try Yoga - Finding Your Yoga Fit
By: Victoria Woodhall with Jonathan Sattin

Jonathan Sattin used to be a busy, successful, two-pack-a-day Marlboro smoking, coffee with sugar drinking, lawyer in the West End of London. He was active, but, his health was on the way down the scale as the clock and calendar used up his available days and hours.

He had tried yoga on various occasions, but, had never really gotten serious about it.

Finally, however, he took a hard look at his life and decided that perhaps yoga would do a lot more for him than smoking so much and beating his psyche against the modern wall of stress.

To hear Jonathan tell it, he sees yoga almost as a magic pill that anyone can take; a magic pill that....

  • Tones your body
  • Tones your mind
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Helps you regain lost flexibility and energy
  • Helps you look younger
  • Helps you fell younger
  • Helps you BE younger
As Jonathan Stattin points out in Everyone Try Yoga - Finding Your Yoga Fit, while there is no such pill, the regular practice of yoga can provide these, and many other benefits, for an investment of just a few minutes a day, almost anywhere, anytime.

For the newcomer to yoga, Johathan offers an interesting propositon which makes his yoga book different from many others.

"If I didn't do yoga morning and evening I would go bonkers. Everyone, without exception, should give it a go, and here's the book to show you how."
--Oliver James, clinical psychologist and author of Affluenza
He believes that each of us want yoga to be, and do, different things. To this end, he offers help in finding the best yoga practice for you...and you....and you...

In other words, we have different needs and attitudes, and, our yoga practice should reflect AND support these differences.

"You can always find excuses not to go to the gym; you can do yoga whatever your physical condition or fitness level. Yoga is the perfect exercise discipline."
--Independent on Sunday
To this end, in Everyone Try Yoga - Finding Your Yoga Fit, Jonathan Stattin, and his co-author, Victoria Woodhall, a professional writer and certified yoga instructor, provide a wide range of information on different styles of yoga, how yoga can be tailored to meet individaul needs, and what yoga can do for you...which may be different than what your sister or brother wants it to do for them!

"If you are worn out, yoga changes you, improving your self esteem, concentration, and motivation."
--Sunday Business
Jonathan and Victoria also include some simple yoga sessions for the beginner, as well as for the more advanced yogin.

You can easily find copies of Everyone Try Yoga - Finding Your Yoga Fit online and, as I did, perhaps even in your local used book store. Most editions came with a DVD to demonstrate many of the sequences, so, you might try to make sure that you get a copy that still has the DVD with it.

I bought my copy used from Half Price Books in Dallas for $8.99. I see used copies offered on Amazon for as little as two cents, and even new copies for about $12.

This is a great yoga book for beginners and definitely worth what you pay for it.

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