Standing Yoga Poses

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Standing Yoga Poses

Wai Lana yoga DVD's and suppliesThe standing positions, asanas, are believed by many to be some of the most efficient yoga poses.

Standing yoga poses provide excellent stretching of the muscles and they have noticeable effects on the swiftness and acuity of the nervous system. Most standing poses offer you an increased opportunity and tool to master equilibrium...both physical and mental. In the following paragraphs we will look specifically at two of the most important standing poses, the Mountain Pose and the Triangle Pose.

The Mountain Pose (Tadasana) got its name from several defining attributes that it shares, symbolically and in reality, with that icon of strength and endurance, the mountain.

The Mountain Pose produces benefits which include a high level of relaxed strength and a feeling of invulnerability. Much like a mountain itself, the yogi or yogini practicing this pose will feel surrounded by stillness and will experience a pronounced sensation of balance. The clarity and profound vision offered by this pose enable you to move deeper into your inner feelings and connect with your inner self on a very profound level.

The Mountain Pose is begun by placing the heels slightly apart, so that toes are parallel. Once comfortable, perform a back and forth rocking motion on your toes and gradually come to a complete stop. Lift the ankles to stabilize the pose while tightening your leg muscles. Try to push your tailbone towards the floor while lifting your pelvic area towards your navel.

To complete the position, your arms should hang near your body while you press your shoulder blades backwards.

Yoga supplies from GaiamiconAs you learn more about the basics of yoga, you will begin to understand some of the potential positive effects of mastering the Mountain Pose. It is important because it is at the basis of many other poses.

Tadasana means that the yogi has to learn the meaning of balance and stillness before moving further. For this simple reason, mountain pose is one of the best ways to connect with your inner feelings while learning the subtle ways of yoga. The energy channels of the mountain pose travel the length of your entire body, following the spine, from the back of the neck, down towards the legs.

The next important standing pose is the Triangle Pose, or Trikonasana.


Trikonasana is a relatively easy pose to learn and has a good stretching effect on the spine, giving it a good lateral motion. This is often used to complement, or compensate, the stretching of other forward poses.

Straight knees are important for properly performing this asana, as this will allow movements to be fluid and allow you to stretch all the targeted muscles and organs.

When in Triangle pose, the bending to the left and right which is part of the movement should be both gradual and fluid. This is one of the yoga poses that is good for preparing you for the next levels of postures, which are more advanced and harder to accomplish. The stimulation of the spinal nerves in this pose is also beneficial and frequent practice greatly improves overall body flexibility.

To enjoy the full benefits possible with the Triangle Pose, you must position your body correctly from the start.

Your feet will need to be spread apart while you are pointing to your toes. Alternate the pointing motion from your left foot to your right one while keeping a constant rhythm and perfect balance.

After you stretch your arms out parallel to the ground you should inhale deeply, as you allow the energy of the position to strengthen your movements. While exhaling, you should aim to perform a slight bend to either left or right while sliding your hand down your foot.

The motion of the triangle pose requires a lot of flexibility in the lower back muscles area, so, a good warm up session is absolutely necessary before moving into the triangle. Yogis who try this pose commonly notice the feeling of a lighter body, combined with a sensation of mild heat in the stretched muscles.



Standing Yoga Poses

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