Review: The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual - Developing Total Body Power

Sled dragging is a great tool for building your work capacity, improving your recovery between heavy training sessions and building serious levels of total body strength!

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Sled Dragging Doesn't Have to Be Boring Any More - Where to Find a Wide Range of Power Sled Dragging Workouts, Recovery Workouts, and Rotational Training Movements. Strength Training Made Hard...On Purpose!

Review: Power Sled Dragging
By Donovan Baldwin


Let me ask you a question about your philosophy on training.

Would you like to find a new training method which will:

  • Give you more explosive strength?
  • Improve your leaping ability?
  • Enhance the strength of your grip?
  • Train triple extension?
  • Increase upper body stability?
I have been studying exercise, health, and fitness since my teens...about 50 years, if you must know. I currently blog on senior health and fitness at Since 2005, I also have published over 400 articles online, most on the subjects on exercise, health, and fitness.

Recently, while researching an exercise article for my blog, I came across The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual.

Now, to be honest, despite having pushed a few sleds around a football field in my youth, I just had not thought about sled dragging as an exercise. However, since I had just read an article about training with the Prowler the other day, and watched a video of a teenage girl pushing one around for training, my mind was receptive to the idea, so I delved a little deeper into the information about this training resource.

First of all, I learned that dragging a sled around is a lot more versatile and effective for overall strength and mobility training than I had imagined! I thought the "Farmer's Walk" was difficult, and it is, but sled dragging goes far beyond it in terms of overall training potential.

Just an aside, I am 67 years old, and although I still exercised regularly and consider myself fairly fit, I had noticed a decrease in my ability to simply "work". I could work out, but doing those sorts of things which require a full body strength, such as bringing in groceries from the car, putting furniture together, even helping my disabled wife clean the house (why did we buy such a big damn house?) was getting harder. The "Farmer's Walk" sure helped with that, and I can see where sled dragging could take that up a notch...or two, or three.

My research easily proved that, but the next two thoughts were;
  • Sled dragging must be pretty one-dimensional
  • Sled dragging must be pretty boring
Well, Jedd Johnson, master technician of the Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual disabused me of those two ideas fairly quickly.

He, and his buddies in the Diesel Crew, have created a wide range of sled dragging exercises which can exercise you all the way down to your pinkies. By mixing and matching all the variations of exercises they have included, you will have to work hard, really hard to get bored.

The manual explains the reason for, the method for doing, and the goals of each and every sled dragging exercise in the manual. The user is given the option of mixing and matching such exotic techniques as Backward Dragging, Forward Dragging, Explosive Starts, Pulls While Carrying, Pulls Loaded Externally...I'm still researching that last one.

In my humble opinion, The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual is going to be your definitive go-to resource for training yourself and your entire athletic group with simple and ORDINARY implements, while achieving EXTRAORDINARY results.

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The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual - Developing Total Body Power

There are many things you can do to increase strength, power, and mobility, and this is only one. However, it adds a dimension to training that many bodybuilders, power lifters, and other athletes fail to recognize. If you need more information about sled dragging exercises you will find a very informative website at The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual. There you will learn all the benefits of this unique form of exercise.

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