Meal Replacement Supplements

Meal replacement bars and powders can fill in when you can't get a meal in, or serve as a before workout booster or after workout source of protein for tissue repair.


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Meal replacements take many forms. Some are available in powder form, to be mixed with some liquid, such as juice or milk. Some are in the form of meal replacement bars which can be handy as there is nothing to be mixed, and you can carry them in your luggage when you travel or even stick one in your pocket or purse to help get you through a meeting or other event.

Meal replacement bars and powders are often used before or after a workout. Before the workout, they can be a light, easily digestible mini-meal which will give you the energy to do the workout, and, before or after, the protein you need to repair and replenish tissue.

Meal Replacement Supplements
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