There are many different types of turkey calls. In fact, for someone new to the subject of turkey hunting, the range of calls and the depth of turkey hunting lore can be almost overwhelming! Even the apparently simple subject of turkey hunting calls can get very involved.

For example, in the area of turkey calls, there are friction calls, push-pull calls, tube calls, wingbone turkey calls, diaphragm turkey calls, and locator calls.

The slate turkey call doesn't even have its own division. It is simply one type of call in the category of friction calls. Friction turkey calls are among the most simple and operate by the friction of a separate piece across the surface of another.

The most basic slate turkey call is simply a piece of slate glued to a tube.  However, some turkey hunters have had success making the same type of call out of aluminum or glass rather than slate.  As pointed out above, these are all variations of the friction call.

While a piece of PVC pipe is often used as a sound chamber, which can be tuned, by the way, a basic slate turkey call can be made out of just a smoothed out piece of slate and a stick.

It's pretty hard to describe the technique of using this type of turkey call, but essentially, a "striker" or "peg" of some sort, often a dowel with a piece of material (I saw one place where a piece of dried corncob was recommended) is rubbed against the slate.

Obviously, you can find a professionally designed and produced slate turkey call, with instructions, at such providers of turkey hunting equipment as PCS Outdoors.

You can also locate glass calls, diaphragm calls, locator calls, turkey hunting decoys, box turkey calls, camouflage outfits and much more in the way of outdoor hunting supplies as well.

The vocalizations of the Wild Turkey are described as "gobbles", "clucks", "putts", "purrs", "yelps", "cutts", "cackles" and "kee-kees". The various types of calls are designed to duplicate these sounds, attracting the turkey to the turkey hunter.

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