Figuresque:Trendy plus size clothing and affordable lingerie

Trendy plus size clothing and lingerie sizes 14-36, including tops, dresses, jeans, and more! International and free shipping.

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Learn more about What is Figuresque? It is your one-stop shop for affordable and sexy plus size clothing specially designed for today's full-figured women and teens.

Based on a published report, 60% of women in the United States wear at least a size 14. Although the average woman wears a size 14 or larger, the obvious lack of trendy, figure-flattering clothing for curvy women and teens is still evident.

Figuresque specializes in trendy women's and junior plus size clothing sizes 14-36.

You can shop Figuresque online for affordable and stylish plus size clothing, including tops, jeans, and dresses.

The exclusive online catalog of plus size clothing for women, available from Figuresque, also extends beyond the standard range of full figure fashion clothing to also include lingerie, plus size intimates, plus size shapewear, and more. The full figure fashion line from Figuresque caters exclusively to curvy divas with styles from sexy to classic. They are a one-stop shop for sexy and affordable plus size clothing specially designed for today's full figure woman and teen.

In addition to deliveries to the U.S., they also ship to Canada, and many other nations worldwide.

Figuresque: Trendy Plus Size Fashions Sizes 14-36.

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Figuresque was founded in 2003 for the fashion-conscious curvy women of today. There, you will find a positive and informative place to shop for trendy, figure-flattering plus size fashions and, at the same time, just feel good about your curves.

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Plus Size Clothing
Figuresque: Trendy Stylish Plus Size Clothing and Affordable Lingerie
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