Robert Matthews designer handbags.

Robert Matthews Designer Handbags

Robert Matthew offers the discriminating woman the world's hottest fashionable, yet functional, handbags and accessories that women from all around the world are proud to flaunt.

Robert Matthew Story

So, how did Robert Matthew come to be, and who is Robert Matthew anyway?

Well, there are actually two California guys, Robert and Matthew, who were impressed with the style coming out of California, but felt that something was lacking.

Robert and Matthew put their heads together, and "BAZINGA", the design team of Robert Matthew came into being. Today, Robert and Matthew's handbags, as well as many of their other fashion accessories are some of the most sought after treasures of women's fashion.

Robert Matthews Designer Handbags

Proud of the style of the California lifestyle, Robert and Matthew felt there was needed a new luster in order to reflect the fashion of today.

Robert and Matthew, always intrigued with the connections that women have with their handbags, soon developed a passion to embody style, personality, and the latest trends in creating fashionable purses for all occasions.

Robert Matthew Thus Robert and Matthew set out to create the hottest new fashionable yet functional handbags that women around the world are proud to flaunt. With over 17 years of experience in the fashion & handbag industry, Robert Matthew designer handbags have become the model for the latest styles and fashion forward looks!

In addition to the Robert Matthews handbags, which many women consider to be the best handbags in the world, they went on to create and offer some of the finest fashion accessories for women, including the line of Robert Matthew jewelry.

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Some of the finest fashion accessories for women come from Robert Matthews, whose designer handbags are some of the best handbags in the world, and Robert Matthew jewelry is prized by fashionable and discriminating women everywhere.

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Robert Matthews Designer Handbags
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