Stylish Plus Size Dresses & Separates

Fashionable Islamic Dress for Women

Trendy and modern hajibs, abayas, and other Islamic wear for women,
available in varying sizes, colors, and styles depending on style and stock,
from 0X (10-12) to 7x (38-40).

Trendy and modern plus size abayas, available in varying sizes, depending on style and stock, from 0X (10-12) to 7x (38-40).

Trendy and modern plus size hijabs, in a wide range of colors and styles.

Our Islamic clothing comes to you from East Essence.

East Essence was founded in 2007 in the Silicon Valley region of California. Their goal was to provide quality Islamic clothing at discount prices. Owing its roots to the birthplace of computing technology, East Essence is a pioneer in leveraging technology to provide the best "value for cost" experience online.

It is a representation of a set of values and high ethics. Profits are used to support a Giving Back Program that is making a difference in the community through Scholarship programs, Spreading education initiative and Disaster relief missions.

Recognizing the variety of clothing choices in the community they offer clothes designed with country, age and income in mind. They offer clothing for everyone desiring fashionable, yet modest, clothing. They offer a wide range of Islamic clothing & accessories from Abayas, Jilbabs, Burqa, Tunics, Hoodies, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Kurtis, Thobes, Dishdashas, Hijabs, Hajj & Umrah wear, Shoes, Jewelry, Prayer & Namaz items.

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Fashionable and Traditional Islamic Dress for Women
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