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Shaklee Mental Acuity Plus® contains an exclusive formula that includes natural ingredients such as ginkgo, bilberry, hawthorn, and B vitamins to promote mental focus, concentration, decision making and memory.

Review of Mental Acuity Plus® from Shaklee
By Donovan Baldwin


The brain is considered to be the “control center” of the body...and for good reason. The brain’s 100 billion neurons send and receive messages using chemical and electrical energy. It functions to store skills, ideas, emotions, and memories.

Although it is only about 2% of body weight, the brain demands about 20% of the body’s blood flow every minute in order to receive the oxygen and nutrition it needs.

Shaklee Mental Acuity PlusAs we age, it is normal for the blood flow to the brain to decrease, and many people experience a gradual decline in their ability to remember, concentrate, and perform certain everyday activities. Other factors, such as pollution, stress, and overall health can also cause a decrease in brain function.

Declining cognitive function may first appear in stressful situations, or in dealing with complex problems. However, even though it's begun, steps can still be taken to improve brain function.

One of these steps is use of a brain supplement.

Mental Acuity Plus® combines Ginkgo biloba with complementary herbs and essential nutrients in a unique combination that provides dietary support for proper blood flow to the brain, mental acuity, and circulation, and is also valuable for maintaining the strength of blood vessel walls.


Like other parts of your body, such as your heart or the lungs, your brain is an organ.

Unlike your heart or lungs, however, your brain can perform an astonishing range of functions, ranging from "instinctive" actions, such as telling your hand to jerk itself away from a hot stove; to higher, more discrete and discerning cognitive functions, to include short-term and long-term memory, concentration, language, problem-solving, perception, emotion, self-awareness, etc.

All these functions are controlled by the functions of neurons...extraordinary spider-like cells that use chemical and electrical energy to transmit information throughout the body.

Some neurons are "dedicated" to performing specific automatic functions such as breathing or heartbeat, body temperature regulation, or producing reflexes. The vast majority of the brain’s neurons, however, are continually "reassigned" to different activities from infancy through old age.

Every experience which our brain processes creates and re-creates the crucial web of connections that stores our skills, ideas, emotions, and memories.

By the time we reach adulthood, our brain is crisscrossed with more than 100 billion neurons, each communicating with thousands of others so that, in general, the brain may be maintaining more than 100 trillion connections at any time.

It is those connections...more than the number of known galaxies in the universe...which provide our brain with its unrivaled powers. Most of these connections aren’t permanent and new connections are always being formed. Today it is believed that you can literally 'change your mind" throughout your life, for better ... or for worse.


While not every aspect of brain function can be kept at optimum levels forever, the efficiency of the brain can be improved by lifestyle choices and by brain supplements.

The standard recommendations of regular physical activity and proper nutrition are a great start to a healthy brain. Stress relief and regular mental challenges are also important.

However, there are many natural, herbal ingredients which can also help, and these are normally only available through a supplement, such as Mental Acuity Plus®.

The unique combination of ingredients in Mental Acuity Plus* provides:

  • Nutritional support for better cerebral circulation
  • Antioxidant protection of brain cells and blood vessels
  • Nutritional support that can lowering elevated homocysteine levels
  • Tested and proven nutritional support for mental acuity

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Mental acuity and brain function can decline as we age, or as the result of other nutritional and lifestyle choices. The Mental Acuity Plus® brain supplement from Shaklee promotes mental focus and better brain function.

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Review of Mental Acuity Plus® from Shaklee
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