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Shaklee CitriBoost - Powder Multivitamin

Shaklee CitriBoost is an easy way to give your body the nutrition it needs. This easy-to-use powder adds a powerful nutritional boost to your daily juice, smoothie, or protein shake while providing 100% of the Daily Value of many essential vitamins, and, 50% of the Daily Value of many essential minerals.

Review of Shaklee CitriBoost
By Donovan Baldwin


As you and I age, our daily calorie requirement decreases, as does, in most cases, our need for energy. Often, as a result of this natural process, an older person eats less food than they should; food which contains the nutrients needed for good health.

Simultaneously, as another normal part of the aging process, our bodies become less efficient at extracting, absorbing, and using the many nutrients which we should be getting from the food we eat. At the same time, again because of the aging process, it becomes even more important for us to maintain an appropriate level of nutrition in order to stay healthy.

Shaklee CitriBoostIn fact, with all this going against our getting proper nutrition, we may actually need to consume higher levels of some nutrients to ensure that we are getting the nutrition we need!

Again, this all occurs at a time in in our life when we are more susceptible to digestive problems, such as, occasional constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. These issues may also be caused by aging due to a age-related decrease of beneficial intestinal microflora in the intestines, especially among those of us who tend to eat foods low in fiber, and high in animal fat and protein.

One simple solution to this collection of problems is to supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals. Here again, swallowing tablets and capsules, and extracting and using the nutrients they contain, can be a problem for many.

Fortunately, there is a simple and easy way to provide the body with the nutrients it needs.

Itís called Shaklee CitriBoost.

CitriBoost, a multivitamin in powder form, from Shaklee, offers the body a complete package of essential vitamins and minerals.

Each easy to take serving, mixed into many common beverages, provides: 100% of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamins A, C,D, E, and eight B vitamins  Calcium,magnesium, chromium, zinc, copper, iodine, manganese, and more...
  • CitriBoost can provide more calcium and vitamin D than an 8-ounce glass of milk
  • Friendly intestinal microflora ó Lactobacillus acidophilus ó plus prebiotic support from inulin, to promote a healthy colon and immune system*


  • Seniors, and adults of any age who prefer their daily vitamins and minerals in drink form, rather than a tablet or capsule

  • Parents looking for an easy, great-tasting alternative for kids who donít like swallowing pills or chewing tablets

  • Parents who want a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement for children ages 4 and older


A recommended serving of CitriBoost is 1 scoop (4.6g) daily.

Shaklee CitriBoost can either be taken with, or between meals.

Simply mix CitriBoost with orange juice, a smoothie, or a protein shake.

Before serving to children under 4, consult a health care professional.

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Shaklee CitriBoost is a tasty and pleasant method of providing your with body the nutrition it needs. This easy-to-use powder formula provides a powerful nutritional boost to your daily orange juice, smoothie, or any healthy protein shake. It also provides 100% of the Daily Value of many essential vitamins and 50% of the Daily Value of many essential minerals. Plus, CitriBoost delivers Lactobacillus acidophilus, friendly microflora that promote gastrointestinal and long-term colon health, and a healthy immune system.*

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Review of Shaklee CitriBoost
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