What Do Energy Chews Do - A Review of Shaklee Energy Chews

By Donovan Baldwin

First of all, what IS an energy chew?

Energy chews of various formulations are available from many different manufacturers and distributors. Generally, these are simple chewable lozenges about the size of a stick of gum or piece of candy, which, when chewed (obvious, right), or dissolved in the mouth, helps provide a fairly rapid burst of energy.

How do energy chews provide energy?

While various companies have their own formulations, energy chews are, in general, made up of a combination of various herbal and botanical extracts, and vitamins, such as those in vitamin B complex, and, vitamin D. There may also be stimulants, such as caffeine.

Are all energy chews equal?

Probably not.

First of all many are going to be made up of ingredients which are not really effective.

Second, of the "effective" energy chews, some may prove to be MORE effective than others because of the combination and quality of ingredients. Also, never forget, that, when it comes to such things, individual needs, lifestyle choices, and genetic inheritance, may make one "better" for one individual and another better for someone else.

What is the best energy chew available?

Well, that cannot be answered without extensive testing and no one's really done that yet.

However, one company, Shaklee, produces a high quality, effective energy chew, and HAS done extinsive study and testing on their product.

What do Shaklee energy chews do?

Because of their unique formulation, the result of much study and testing, Shaklee energy chews help provide a quick burst of energy. They also help sustain energy, improve physical perfomance, AND sharpens your focus for more effective mental perfomance.

What are the ingredients in Shaklee energy chews?

The ingredients in Shaklee energy chews are caffeine (natural green tea extract}, L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins, and vitamin D.

Does Shaklee guarantee their energy chews?

No one can guarantee your performance after using any energy chew, but, many world class athletes, such as Julian Yee (Figure Skating), and Michael Glasder (Ski Jumping), use Shaklee energy chews, in addition to many other Shaklee products.

Other athletes using Shaklee products include Kacey Bellamy (Ice Hockey), Madison Hubbell (Ice Dancing), and Brendon Green (Biathlon), to name but a few. Additionally, Shaklee products have been into space with the Kelly brothers, Captain Mark Kelly and Captain Scott Kelly.

Shaklee DOES guarantee the purity of their product, the quality of production and testing, and offers a money back, no questions asked guarantee on all their products for health and home.

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About Energy Chews - Review of Shaklee Energy Chews
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