Study of the Benefits of the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program

In 2017-2018, results were published of a six-month study of the benefits and effectiveness of the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program which was conducted by Dr. Wayne Westcott, a leading nutrition researcher from Quincy College, of Quincy, Massachusetts.

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The study group was made up of 90 individual, average age 56. Average body mass index (BMI) of the participants was 32 (high) and body fat percentage was 30%.


The study was conducted by having participants...
  • Replace twe meals per day with a Shaklee Life Shake of their choice.
  • Exercise for 40 minutes twice per week. The exercise sessions were divided into 20 minutes of aerobic exercise and 20 minutes of strength training.
  • Make other healthy lifestyle choices, such as rest, nutrition, and other acitivity. Participants were also given specific calorie targets for their daily nutrition intake.


Eighty-three percent of the participants successfully completed the study.

Participants, on average, lost 14 lbs. of fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle.

Body fat dropped an average of 5.75%.

Consistent loss of fat mass, % body fat, while gaining lean muscle mass, and decreasing waist and hip circumference while maintaining weight.


The Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program was clinically proven to help lose weight and keep it off whiie helping retain lean muscle mass.


While it's great to show that a weight loss plan such as the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program is effective in a study, many people would want to know... then what?

In order to maintain their newly achieved healthy weight results, the participants followed this regimen:

1 Only one Shaklee Life Shake daily, rather than the two during the program.

2 Continue their twice-weekly exercise program of 20 minutes aerobic and 20 minutes resistance work as they had during the program.

3 Eat healthy meals, but with no calorie targets.

In general, participants were pleased with their results, with 53 signing on for an additional six month weight loss plan on the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program under the maintenance regimen, and, on average, lost an additional two pounds of fat while gaining three pounds of lean muscle mass.

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Study of the Benefits of the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program
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