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Effect of Low Carb Diets on Metabolism
By Donovan Baldwin

It might make sense to think that a low-carbohydrate diet might be a good idea if you don't want to gain weight in the form of fat. However, you might actually be setting yourself up for failure if you choose to lose weight with a low-carb diet.

Not that cutting out "some" carbs can't be of value, but, one important fact that most people, especially weight loss diet pushers, ignore is that not all carbs are created equal, and some can actually help you manage your weight. In fact, foods high in carbohydrates, and generally high in fiber, are a major source of energy...the very energy we need to remain active and keep our metabolism functioning at a higher, fat burning, level.

While cutting carbs in general CAN be effective for short-term, often temporary, weight loss, for a more permanent weight loss solution, including more energy so that you can enjoy life and manage your weight at the same time, you are going to have to include some carbs in your diet. In fact, some carbs are important for health, and, simply depending on a low-carbohydrate diet can actually set you up for possible weight gain, and even some health risks.

For good health, your body needs a supply of many different nutrients. Not only can carbs be considered one of those nutrients, but, as with many fad diets, restricting your food intake to a few particular foods can prevent your getting the nutrients you need for good health.

Additionally, a diet which restricts one type of food often means eating more of other types of foods. In the case of a low-carb diet, you are likely going to be eating a lot more protein.

The purpose of protein is to repair and replenish the tissues of the body.

However, while protein is without a doubt an incredibly valuable nutrient, there are risks associated with eating too much of it. For example, processing protein puts a strain on the kidneys, and, too much protein can increase the risk of osteoporosis because the dietary mineral, calcium, is needed to neutralize acids associated with a high-protein diet.

Cancer researchers, such as the American Institute for Cancer Research, point out that a low-carbohydrate diet, which, by its nature is low in vegetables, whole grans, and fruit, but, at the same time, rich in food from animal sources increase the risk for various cancers.

Diets rich in high fiber carbs are more likely to help prevent degenerative diseases while helping the body maintain a higher metabolic rate, which helps manage weight naturally. On the other hand, diets high in sugar and empty carbs not only reduce the qunatity of valuable nutrients but also contribute to weight gain.

While regular exercise is valuable to managing weight, increasing lean muscle mass, and improving metabolism, what you eat is also important, as fitness trainer Tom Venuto points out in his widely acclaimed fat burning program, Burn the Fat Body Transformation System.

To keep your resting metabolic rate high, avoid low-carb diets, and, instead, eat a diet rich in high-fiber carbs and protein, and exercise regularly.

About the Author:
Donovan Baldwin is a freelance SEO copywriter and fitness aficionado currently residing in the Dallas, Texas area, and a University of West Florida alumnus. He is retired from the U. S. Army after 21 years of service. In his career, he has held many managerial and supervisory positions. However, his main pleasures have long been travel, writing, nature, health, and fitness. In the last few years, he has been able to combine these pleasures by writing poetry and articles on subjects such as health, fitness, weight lifting, yoga, weight loss, the environment, global warming, happiness, self improvement, and life. His blog on senior health and fitness can be found at Fitness-After-40.ws.

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