Review: Hot Metabolism - How to Burn Fat and Keep It Off

Review: Hot Metabolism - How to Burn Fat and Keep It Off

Fitness trainer Carolyn Hansen reveals the astonishingly simple principles of fat burning through metabolic regulation, for health, fitness, and weight management.

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Review of "Hot Metabolism" - How to Burn Fat and Keep It Off
By Donovan Baldwin


I have been studying health, fitness, exercise, and weight loss since about 1965. I have been writing about these subjects since about 2005. In that time, I have published over 400 articles online, many of which have been posted and re-posted on hundreds of websites. I also have had a blog on senior health and fitness since 2005 as well.

Out of all the things I have learned in that time, one is that our metabolism, and metabolic rate, is one of the more important things we need to know about to remain healthy. We need a relatively high metabolic rate to stay healthy, manage weight effectively, and to have enough energy to live life to the fullest.

While looking around to see if anything new was out there, I stumbled across Hot Metabolism.

After reviewing the program, I would like to tell you that Carolyn Hansen (Certified Fitness Instructor), who created the Hot Metabolism Program, seems to think like I do about just about everything having to do with health, fitness, diet, and weight loss.

Right off the bat, Carolyn informs you that she will make no glorified claims for her program and then goes on to explain that there is no magic bullet. She lets the visitor know that the only thing she relies on to get the job done is her knowledge of how the human body responds to physical activity and nutrition. She also explains that she has had plenty of opportunities to prove her techniques because she runs a gym which sees as many as 500 visitors a day!

Almost everybody does best with a personal trainer, but to hire Carolyn as YOUR personal fitness coach, you would have to pay $150 per hour. Many of her clients wind up paying thousands of dollars for her personal attention. What she has done for those of us who cannot afford her personal training rates, she has created the Hot Metabolism fat burning program.

One of the things I like about Carolyn Hansen's program is that she realizes, and tells the visitor to her website, that, while exercise is incredibly important for health, fitness, and weight loss, eating properly is crucial to the success of any such program. She is not the only fitness professional to stand behind this point of view. Another fitness expert, Tom Venuto, author of the immensely popular program, "Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle", teaches theory and technique very close to Carolyn's. I would be comfortable following either program, to tell the truth, although Carolyn is a bit more the "buddy" and Tom the "boss".

I definitely give Carolyn Hansen's Hot Metabolism a loud and positive "thumbs up"!

Carolyn has also created a free ebook, The Best Way to Lose Weight. Just click here to learn more.

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Hot Metabolism - How to Burn Fat and Keep It Off

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Review: Hot Metabolism - How to Burn Fat and Keep It Off
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