Review About Fat Fighting Foods: lose weight with the foods that burn fat diet

Review Of 'Fat Fighting Foods': lose weight with the foods that burn fat diet

Medical researcher. Shola Oslo, based on her research, study, and personal experiences, has created a list of foods that burn calories. She explains simply, yet in detail, how to burn body fat and provides a wide range of healthy diet plans and healthy weight loss tips for her readers.

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Get Detailed Information on Foods that Burn Fat - Learn How to Burn Body Fat - Get a List of Foods That Burn Calories - Healthy Weight Loss Tips

First of all, who am I and who is Shola Oslo, the author of Fat Fighting Foods?

My name is Donovan Baldwin, and I am a 69-year-young amateur bodybuilder, fitness fan, and freelance health writer. I have been involved in the study of health, fitness, and exercise in one way or another since 1961. I have published over 300 articles on these subjects, several of which deal with such topics as healthy weight loss tips, how to burn body fat, and the relationships between the foods we eat (diet), the activities (exercise) we engage in, and weight loss...or better yet...weight management.

Shola Oslo, is a Kinesiologist and Medical Researcher in London. She is also a health and medical writer and have published a number of books and articles on alternative health. I publish several newsletters on a variety of subjects and also provides kinesiology sessions on a part-time basis. Her kinesiology practice and research is focused on male and female fertility, gynecological conditions, cleansing and detoxification, and weight management.

Recently, Ms. Oslo has purblished a weight loss, or diet, ebook entitled Fat Fighting Foods.

The basic premise of "Fat Fighting Foods" is that there are some scientifically proven foods that are known to aid weight loss. In Ms. Oslo's words, "These are foods doctors, scientists, medical researchers and nutritionists know help weight loss."

Fat Fighting Foods focuses on a list of foods that burn calories fast, and a healthy weight loss diet plan which includes these foods. Ms. Oslo presents her healthy weight loss tips and recommendations of foods that burn body fat, in an inforamtive and informal manner which can be easily read, understood and followed. Her advice on foods that burn calories fast includes healthy diet recipes and a healthy diet menu.

Ms. Oslo shows that foods that burn fat fast do not have to be boring and distasteful. To the contrary, she tries to point out and demonstrate that healthy diet plans that burn body fat fast can be delicious as well as nutritious.

In its present incarnation, "Fat Fighting Foods" by Shoa Oslo, is only available as a 260 page, but easily downloadable ebook. Ms. Oslo also offers several bonuses worth about $150 as free gifts to those who acquire her book on healthy weight loss foods and foods that burn calories quickly.

No book on this subject is perfect for everybody, but if you are interested in learning how to burn body fat, or a diet of foods that burn calories, "Fat Fighting Foods" is probably going to be at least one of the references you will want to have.

A couple of final points.

First, Ms. Oslo's book will cover the following topics and much more....

  • Foods that burn fat fast
  • Healthy diet plans
  • How to burn body fat
  • Foods that burn calories diet
  • Burn body fat fast
  • Healthy diet food
  • List of foods that burn calories
  • Burn body fat diet
  • Foods that burn calories fast healthy weight loss tips
On her web page, Ms. Oslo offers the testimonials of several people who have purchased her book and are satisfied that her advice on foods that burn fat and calories and ways to burn body fat was just what they needed and that her healthy diet tips and burn-body-fat diet was of value in their personal weight loss quests. If you feel that your personal method of weight loss might effectively include a foods-that-burn-calories diet, or if you just want to know how to burn body fat fast, you might want to purchase a copy and benefit from its guidance on healthy foods that burn calories and fat.

If you need more information about healthy diet plans you will find a very informative website at Fat Fighting Foods.

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Fat Fighting Foods: lose weight with the foods that burn fat diet
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