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Many feel a periodic body detox can be valuable for the health of the human body.

This is because todayís environment, as well as the highly processed foods we eat, contain toxins that are destructive to the immune system. These toxins are substances which create harmful and irritating effects to, or within, the human body.

These pollutants are all around us, and they can undermine our health, or cause stress to organs or hinder natural, biochemical functions.

This alarming situation is due, in part, to the additional side effects of taking any drugs, prescribed or otherwise, or other induced changes in the physiological patterns that are different from the normal functioning of the body.

Many of these problems are caused by "free radicals" which normally occur in the body naturally, and which a healthy body can deal with at normal levels. Free radicals usually irritate, inflame, age, and degenerate body tissues. Negatives in our lives, bad spiritual and psychic influences, negative emotions, and thought patterns are also considered as toxins due to the well-established mind-body connection. They cause stress to the body, thus causing changes in normal physiology which, in turn, produces specific symptoms.

It seems obvious that a healthy body needs to function in balance.

However, this balance can be disturbed when the body takes on more physical and mental stress than it can use, eliminate or offset in some way.

When the body is no longer able to cope with the accumulation of toxins, mental or physical, environmental or self-induced, toxicity then occurs.

The actual level of toxicity is dependent on the frequency, potency, or dosage of the toxins and stressors which are present in your environment, and your life. Cumulative toxicity can produce immediate, or fairly rapid, occurrences of symptoms of toxicity as been shown in scientific studies of some drugs and several pesticides.

The imbalance caused by these toxins can be stressful to your life which, in turn, disrupts the flow of your life, robbing you of a sound mind and a good soul.

A body detox is very helpful in removing these toxins from your body and regaining your health, and a happier outlook on life.

A body detox (detoxification) can occur on various levels.

Physically, it is simply a process that can help in clearing the body of toxins which are causing illnesses, congestions, and potential diseases, thus improving the bodyís overall health and energy. Many believe that these detoxification processes are helpful in rejuvenating the body and preventing degenerative, or age-related, conditions.

Just as with the body, detoxification of the mind is important also. Cleansing negative thoughts from your mind can improve your health as well. Due to the scientifically proven mind-body connection, what is good for the mind is good for the body.

By the same token, physical detoxification can also help alleviate mental stress. It also helps ease many of the emotional aspects of the person so that he or she can express and uncover negative, toxic, feelings especially hidden anger, unrelieved frustrations, unnatural fear, or resentments, and replace these with love, forgiveness, hope, and joy.

Cleansing processes, such as meditation, exercise, or a body detox can also enhance the purpose and vision of a person, and change how they view life, placing their life path on a more spiritual level. Light detoxification within a few days can help the person in feeling better while a longer detox process can allow a deeper commitment on eating better diets and eliminating abusive habits.

Body detox is only a portion of the transformational medicine which instills changes at various levels of the human body and mind. Personal evolution and change are keys to the personís healing. Enhancing elimination of wastes, both physical and mental, can help in dealing with, and clearing problems from, the past, childhood, parental patterns, relationships or job stress. Elimination of toxic build-up can make a person feel lighter and cause them to experience a new, brighter, horizon of their life's future.

A body detoxification can be done quite simply. Drinking extra amounts of water each day is good in eliminating toxins. Eating more cleansing foods, such as vegetables and fruits with higher contents of water, and less high-protein foods are all helpful in reducing congestion problems. Removing all sugars and simple carbohydrates also helps. There are other levels of progressive detox diets ranging from simple diets to total fasting.

Nevertheless, donít carry this to the extreme and "over" detoxify yourself. Extreme fasting, enemas, diuretics, colonics, laxatives, and exercise can cause loss of the bodyís essential nutrients. This also results to a negative balance where vitamin and mineral deficiencies can occur which can cause major health problems in both the near and distant future.

The key to health is always going to be about balance. Never forget to maintain your balance to have a better life.

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