What Are Carb Blocker Pills?

Carb blocker pills help prevent your body from absorbing a percentage of the carbs you eat.

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There are many strategies that people who want to lose weight will resort to.

One such weight loss strategy is to use carb blocker pills.

To understand "why" someone would resort to use this particular type of diet pill, it is necessary to understand a little bit about the role carbs, or carbohydrates, play in the process of gaining or losing weight.

I will try to avoid being very technical, and someone who is an expert in such things may take exception at the way I explain some things, but my goal is to help you understand what is going on and what you can do about it, not to make you an expert on nutrition.

When we eat food, we take in calories. Take in more calories than you use and you gain weight. Use more calories than you eat, and you lose weight.

Sounds simple, but there are other factors involved that influence that "more than", "less than" relationship.

As you might imagine, it is impossible for anyone to exactly balance their "calories in" and "calories out". Fortunately, the body has some systems built in for storing excesses, disposing of excesses, and covering shortages.

To understand exactly how all these systems work together, and sometimes against one another, you go to college for several years and get a degree on the subject. However, you don't become an electrician to learn to operate a light switch, and there is no need to learn all the ins and outs of nutrition to understand what works to help you lose weight.

It is helpful to understand basically what is going on here, as it can help you make effective weight loss plans and decisions.

The nutrients in food can be discussed from many different angles, but the three that we are concerned with at the moment are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. While too much of any can be unhealthy and can contribute to weight gain, carbohydrates are often a hidden culprit.

In most of our modern diets, too much protein is seldom a problem. Fat is often a bit obvious, and most of us tend to think of it as "the enemy" and at least try to avoid it. There has also been a trend in the last few years for food products to reduce fat and use that as a marketing ploy...one which has been embraced by those wanting to lose weight.

However, carbohydrates are everywhere...often without our knowledge.

For example, tonight at a restaurant, I showed my wife a bottle of steak sauce and a bottle of ketchup, both of which contained sugar...one of the most common, and destructive, carbohydrates around. Many other common foods, such as potatoes, are mainly carbohydrates.

There are basically two types of carbohydrates: you will hear different terms used to discuss them, but I will stick with "good carbs" and "bad carbs". The bad ones make you fat, the good ones are less likely to do so. Overall, that's a whole 'nother discussion.

The bottom line is that our modern diet is full of bad carbs, and sometimes it can be extremely difficult to avoid them. If you fail, you will, at the least, have a hard time losing weight, and, at worst, find yourself gaining weight.

That's where carb blocker pills such as Dietrine come in. They help prevent your body from absorbing a percentage of the carbs you eat. While it is possible to overeat and still take in enough carbs to cause weight gain even with the use of carb blocker pills, they can make weight loss easier, especially when combined with regular exercise, and wise nutrition choices where possible.

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