What is the Right Treatment For Skin Boils?
By Rin Otori

Boils can be quite irritating. They look ugly and ungainly on the skin and they feel painful. If you are like most people, you will also feel like pricking your boil too! However before you do that, here is some information about treatment for skin boils.

Before we explore this topic, let's understand what exactly are skin boils?


Skin boils or abscesses in the skin, as they are more commonly known, are contained infections which occur deep inside the skin. If you look at the center of the boil, you will find an amalgamation of bacteria, proteins and white blood cells which is called "pus".


Boils can be classified into different types based on their causes:

Carbuncle or Furuncle: The main cause of this kind of skin boil is a bacterium known as Staphylococcus aurus. Generally fever and chills are associated with this kind of boil.

Cystic acne: A common problem with the teenagers, the main cause of this kind of boil is the clogging of the oil ducts. The clogging causes infection and hence the boil.

Hidradenitis suppurativa: When the sweat glands in the groin or the armpits are infected, then these kind of multiple boils occur.

Pilonidal cysts: These tiny infections of hair follicles usually are caused on the buttocks. The infection increases with the pressure of sitting for long hours.

The treatment for skin boils depends upon the cause and type of skin boils. If an infection is the cause of the boil, then it needs antibiotics. In more serious cases, the boil needs to be treated surgically. In any case don't try to remove or prick a boil on your own since that may compound the problem. It's better to get a doctor's advice for more severe cases.


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What is the right treatment for boils?
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