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VitalSleep Relationship BannerThe day is over and the moon shines upon a dark velvet sky.

In your comfortable bed, safe in your bedroom, you settle quietly into repose, closing your eyes and slowly drifting off to sleep...when suddenly, Zzzzzzzzzzzz. That sound is definitely not music to the ears, and much worse, you have to bear with that irritating noise until morning.

Snoring itself can be harmful to a person, but, so is lack of sleep. So before you reach this point, get a head start on the problem.

Unfortunately, people who snore are not much bothered by the noise that they make, but, their companions are. This is why a remedy for snoring is much sought after by these people.

Even worse, snoring can be harmful to one's health in the long run, which is another reason why many individuals are looking for the best snoring remedy that is available.

In fact, snoring can even affect the entire family! This is because the annoying sound can echo all throughout the household especially during the quiet hours of the night. Depriving your family of their needed good night's sleep is not a very helpful thing to do. Snoring affects attitude, performance, relationship, and health, and, it is clear that the least you can do is to stop snoring!

But how?

There are many over-the-counter snoring remedies available in pharmacies and grocery stores. Snoring aids and sleep aids are available at a reasonable price. Products such as SnoreZip can help some with their snoring problem.

If you, or your partner, have been snoring for a long period of time, perhaps it is time to by-pass the home remedies for snoring and over-the-counter products, and seek professional help for the snoring problem. This is because snoring can be a symptom of a more dangerous condition...sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition which needs immediate and in-depth professional attention. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) an estimated 50-70 million US adults have sleep apnea or some other sort of sleep or wakefulness disorder.

Many people die from sleep apnea because breathing stops suddenly while a person is asleep. Persons with sleep apnea should seek medical advice immediately; you can observe that the person struggles momentarily, catching their breath after snoring stops for a few seconds.

In fact, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea can be both cause and effect. For example, an overweight person is more likely to have heart health problems and poor sleep issues, such as sleep apnea. Lack of sleep can contribute to more weight gain and increased risk for heart disease.

In severe cases, professional medical help is imperative, but, in many instances, something as simple as losing weight and/or reducing snoring can help relieve or reduce some of these problems.

Some snoring remedies include:

1. Nose strips
2. Special pillows
3. Dental appliances
4. Acupuncture
5. Hypnotism
6. Snoring relief products

Of course, the causes of snoring are many, and may vary from one individual to another.

Some snore because they are overweight, while others may snore because of allergies, medications, or other health issues.

If you're one of the overweight snorers, perhaps it's time that you get rid of some of that weight.

You can start by starting a simple daily exercise program, such as walking, or you can work out in a gym. If you eat foods which may trigger snoring, start keeping a record of\ all the food you've eaten for the day. A change in lifestyle is the best solution if these are the causes, although it might be difficult at first, you will get used to it after some time.

A person's sleeping position might also trigger snoring.

Sleeping with the mouth open, or lying on the back may cause snoring as well. There are sleeping devices which you can use at night to support the jaw and will keep your mouth closed. Others lie on their side to avoid snoring.

Some products in the home may contribute to snoring as well!

It makes sense that a dusty home may interfere with breathing....awake or asleep. However, it's almost counterintuitive to think that cleaning your home may actually be a cause of snoring, but it may be so.

For this, and other health reasons, many people choose healthy home cleaners which do not contain many of the chemicals found in most commercially available home cleaners.

You can also inhale steam before you go to sleep. Your nasal passages will open up, and you will find it easier to breathe on the nose. You can also use a system of air filtration, to be rid of allergens like pet hair, dust, and cigarette smoke.

People are always looking for the best way to stop snoring. To completely stop snoring is quite impossible, but remedies can lessen the 'snoring scenario' every night. There is no best among the best; all you can do is to find the best remedy that will work for you.

Of course, consult your doctor before you resorting to any special device to stop or reduce snoring.

For most severe cases, i.e. those which are disruptive enough to require intervention, seeking medical help is the best way to deal with the snoring problem.

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