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VitalSleep Relationship BannerStatistics tell us that approximately 45% of the American population snores.

While a snoring person may not keep the world awake, he, or she, and women snore too, can create, or, at least, contribute to, strife, among couples. Snoring can contribute to health problems for the snorer and his or her sleeping partner.

For this reason, snoring could be counted as one factor contributing to not only the couple involved, but, through them, contributing to disorder of society as a whole. And, if snoring alone cannot be resolved, how much more are the wrecked marriages due to partners not sharing a room?

It may seem like I am overstating this issue, but, it’s true that bed partners often move out of the room, and, in many cases, out of the relationship, because of the unwanted noise when sleeping...or trying to sleep. The consequences, while obvious once you think about it, are not as simple as they may sound. Aside from the effects to the relationships and society, snoring can also be a symptom of a severe disease. Often, this is a sign of the sleeping disorder called “obstructive sleep apnea”. Apnea disease consumes the person by reducing the flow of oxygen to the brain, by increasing the blood pressure and worse, it can result to sudden death.

Snoring occurs because of the obstruction in the airways. When this happens, the muscles responsible for respiration had to work harder in order to deliver the oxygen to the lungs and the carbon dioxide out of the body. As people age, muscles and tissues in the body deteriorate such that they are easily strained. Tensed muscles and jaw decrease the area of the airway resulting to the annoying sound. If the area is clear, the flow of air would be easier, and there would be no snoring.

It can even be self-fulfilling.

Snoring causes tension, and snoring is caused by tension in many cases. One leads to the other.

So, how can snoring be naturally treated?

A simple answer, but, quite complicated action, is going to be one change.

This is spelled out as proper diet, exercise, clean living, avoiding cigarettes and minimizing the intake of alcohol. Obviously, toxins should be taken out of the body and “too much” of anything should be avoided.

Specifically, excess weight contributes to snoring since the fats accumulated in at the back of the mouth serve as hindrance. Thus, a well nourished diet should be followed to keep your weight within the range of being healthy. In two to three hours before going to bed, eating should already be avoided. Certain fatty foods should be kept away such as those which enhance mucous production. In effect, these foods can result to severe snoring.

Part of the toxins that we put into our bodies is drugs. Medications must be necessary for they relieve some illnesses, but as much as possible, they must be avoided. Almost every drug leaves side effects to the patient making him feel not too well at all. Distinctively, sedatives are not advisable because they can worsen or cause snoring.

Enough exercise should be a part of every day. It tones the body and amplifies the spirit. Exercise stretches and contracts the muscles making them flexible.

Good sleeping habits should also be established. Sleeping by your side will prevent you from snoring. Also, avoid elevating your head with the use of pillows.

Following these steps can heal yourself from snoring and other health related problems. The only hard part is that it requires so much self discipline. But once you had started them out, making them a habit is no sweat. A good system of living will not only cure your health troubles, more so, your relationship with others.

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