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Not all relationships are ruined by irreconcilable differences, third parties or simply falling out of love. Some relationships are ruined by something a lot simpler...and more common.

Yep, snoring. Studies show that 23% of couples experience snoring problems. In fact, 80% of couples usually end up sleeping in different rooms because they canít stand, once again yesÖtheir partnerís snoring.

But more than the danger of ruined relationships, snoring can also lead to a serious case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a condition common among the depressed and those who are always exhausted. Sleep apnea can increase blood pressure, reducing the flow of oxygen to the brain and eventually, leading to stroke, heart attack or even worse, death.

Other studies further show that it can lead to diabetes. Since snoring reduces the intake of oxygen, the body produces more catecholamines, which leads to insulin resistance and ultimately, diabetes.

So, whatís the answer? There are a hundred and one natural remedies, plus other technology-aided remedies even involving surgeries. But another way out of this problem are through anti-snore exercises.

Of course, itís important to identify first the cause of snoring. Normally, as most snoring cases go, itís a problem with breathing. There are throat exercises that open up your throat, preventing it from closing when you sleep. Such exercises strengthen and lift up the soft palate, so it wonít flap and rub against the tongue. With tongue exercises, you can strengthen it and prevent it from dropping into your throat when you sleep, which usually happens when you sleep on your back. Itís also important to loosen up the jaw as tense jaw muscles puts pressure on the breathing passages.

Try this exercise to loosen the jaw.

Start by putting the upper and lower molars together very lightly. Once done, open your mouth and press the molars as wide as you can. Do not stretch. Do ten to twenty repetitions. Focus on the molars Ė out them together and then lower your jaw. After several repetitions, you should feel your jaw muscles strengthening and the back of your mouth opening up. Feel the muscles contracting at the back of your throat? If you feel them opening up, then youíre doing a good job relaxing and strengthening them.

This simple exercise doesnít even take you an hour. You can do twenty repetitions of this exercise in a minute or two a day.

For more anti-snoring exercises, do a little research and check out sites on the Web offering cure-snoring programs. These exercises are simple, easy do-it-yourself, no-need-for-complicated-machinery-or-device activities you can try any time.

So, start those exercises and no-snore your way to a good nightís sleep. Yeah, sure, you might feel crazy opening your mouth and exercising your jaw, but it sure will be worth it. Thereís nothing wrong with trying, afterall, especially when itís an answer to your sleepless nights.

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