Herbal Snoring Remedy Part 3

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Going Natural with Herbs: Some Herbal Snoring Remedy

VitalSleep Relationship BannerYou began with simple home remedies. Then, you graduated to over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and medications. Finally, you resorted to consulting a physician who suggested that you undergo either a run of prescribed medications and/or surgical operations.

What's going on? After all, its only snoring - just a simple snoring problem!

You begin to have second thoughts about all these medications with their side effects or undergoing an operation. So, you decide to give alternative medicines herbs - a try.

Generally, an herb is a kind of plant which has no persistent woody parts. It is believed to have medicinal powers aside from its cuisine use as a food flavoring.

These days, there are different types of herbs which are utilized to help you get better sleep and most probably eliminate the occurrence of snoring. Such herbs are:

1. Catnip it is an aromatic plant with grayish foliage and flowers usually bluish in color. Due to its calming effect, catnip is being utilized as an ingredient in most insomnia medication. Catnip can also be mixed with your favorite tea. Do not smoke catnip for it will gibe you a splitting headache.

2. Lavender this shrub has grayish to greenish leaves with mauve flowers which emits a sweet scent. It is widely known for its aromatic oil, very popular in aromatherapy, which is believed to soothe a tired body and helps you get better sleep. You can pour some lavender extracts into your bath or you can mix it with your favorite tea.

3. Hops it is an ornamental shrub which, when prepared as a tea, can cause relaxation and can allow you to get soothing sleep. Like peppermint and spearmint, it is also good to treat indigestion that will later on help you to prevent snoring.

4. Oat Fiber this is known to relieve any digestive problems. Once digestive problems have been given sufficient remedy then you have higher chances to reduce the likelihood of snoring occurrences.

5. Peppermint an aromatic plant with toothed-like leaves and purple flowers. It works two ways to alleviate your snoring dilemma. Initially, it is a good medication for indigestion. Digestive disorder is one of the many snoring culprits; hence a good stomach will make way for you to prevent giving off loud and bothersome noise during sleep. Peppermint is also good to make your sleep better.

6. Spearmint it is a common garden mint. Common as it may seem, spearmint will greatly help you to cure indigestion. Indigestion is one of the many triggers of snoring; hence the use of spearmint will not only relieve your indigestion problem but your snoring dilemma as well. Additionally, if you want to have a soothing sleep then you can just pour drops of spearmint on your bed or pillow.

7. Thyme this is a type of aromatic shrub with small leaves and purple flowers. Thyme is a good medication for any respiratory problems. Once respiratory problems are cured then you can expect for the snoring to go down or to some extent eliminated.

8. Valerian it is an herbaceous plant with pink or white flowers which gives off strong-smelling scent. Many believe that this type of herb is the most recognized cure for you to achieve the sleep you deserve.

Trying something new, like herbal medicines, for example, is a risk. Risks may be an advantage on your part; on the other hand it may be a drawback. There is nothing wrong to try out something, just make sure that you go through a meticulous research, you must seek different feedbacks from those who have used them, and most importantly you discuss it with an expert.

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